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2007 Para-Cycling World Championships – Track Day 4

August 23, 2007 (Bordeaux, France) – Here are the results from yesterday, Day 4 of track racing at the Para-Cycling World Championships in Bordeaux, France. No Canadians competed. Today was a rest day for the athletes, but competition will resume tomorrow with the road events.


Individual Pursuit


Bronze Medal Final
1. Claire McLean (Australia) 3.57.99
2. Fiona Southorn (New Zealand) 4.04.68

Gold Medal Final
1. Sarah Bailey (Great Britain) 3.48.62
2. Ju Fang Zhou (China) 3.53.32

Bronze Medal Final
1. Ying Ping Dong (China) 4.16.85
2. Ji Rong Wang (China) 4.18.81

Gold Medal Final
1. Angela Fleming (Australia) 4.12.85
2. Jennifer Schuble (United States of America) 4.15.88

Bronze Medal Final
1. Jane Amstrong (Australia) 4.34.56
2. Zhi Feng Niu (China) 4.34.74

Gold Medal Final
1. Nathalie Simanowski (Germany) 4.18.98
2. Paula Tesoriero (New Zealand) 4.28.95



B & VI
Bronze Medal Final
1. C. Coluzzi/G. Troldi (Italy) 3.44.61
2. M. Easter/R. Rimmington (Great Britain) 3.46.26

Gold Medal Final
1. A. McGlynn/E. Hunter (Great Britain) 3.40.63
2. L. Hou/T. Gallagher (Australia) 3.42.38

Team Sprint


1. Great Britain 0.50.15
Richard Waddon
Mark Bristow
Jody Cundy
2. China 0.51.81
Kuai Dong Zhang
Yuan Chao Zheng
Zhang Lu
3. Czech Republic 0.53.66
Tomas Kvasnicka
Jiri Bouska
Jiri Jezek
4. Spain 0.55.54
Javier Ochoa
Pablo Jaramillo
Amador Granado



B and IV
Final 7-8
1. R. Bonhof/J. Lute (Netherlands)
2. P. Senmartin/A. Duble (France)

Final 5-6
1. G. Kilpatrick/M. Thompson (Russia)
2. A. Moll/T. Goliasch (Germany)

Bronze Medal Final
1. T. Oshiro/H. Takahashi (Japan)
2. K. Modra/T. Lawrwence (Australia)

Gold Medal Final
1. A. Kappes/R. Storey (Great Britain)
2. B. Demery/S. Hopkins (Australia)

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