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2007 BC Track Provincial Championships Report and Full Results

August 20, 2007 (Victoria, BC) – Despite the strong prediction of rain, racers appeared en force at the Juan de Fuca Velodrome on Saturday morning for BC’s most prestigious track event! Over 40 competitors came out (fully half from the mainland) to race between the raindrops for two days of high-speed racing.

Saturday began well enough, with a sunny, if slightly cool morning, opening with the flying 200m qualifying sprints, with top riders Michael Rothengatter (dEVo), Michael Cooper (Dr. Walker/GVVA) and Charles Durrant (Schwalbe) all cracking 13 seconds in their respective fields (Jr, Master B and Master C Men — the two Master A riders were combined with the Senior Men field.) Jenny Trew (Giant Bicycles Canada) took top honors in the Senior Women, and out-of-BC rider Kelyn Akuna (Fast Twitch) speeded several tenths of a second ahead of Keith Bruneau (Fast Twitch) on his former stomping grounds.

Pursuits followed, and more fast times were set. Rothengatter took the first Gold of the event with a 3km time (4’05)that would have earned him Silver in the Master’s B category! Stephen Price (Dr. Walker / GVVA) came out for one event, and earned Gold in his blazing 2’35 2km Pursuit for Master’s C, and Chad Gottfried (Dr. Walker / GVVA) took Gold in the Master’s B with a 3’56. Laura Brown (Giant Bicycles Canada) rode a 4’06 to earn the top position, as did Jonathan Gormick (MASI-ADOBE) with his 5’08. Less than three seconds separated the next two riders.

Sprint rounds were completed, and we moved onto the Scratch races as light sprinkles peppered the track surface. The Masters B & C (combined, 30 laps/10km) saw Charles Durrant and Michael Cooper win their respective fields, collecting Provincial Gold.

As the Junior Men and Senior Women gathered to race their combined race of 25 laps, the rain began to come down in earnest. Unfortunately, the rain continue until after 5:30, when the day was called, and would resume Sunday morning at 9am — weather permitting!

9:30am rolled around, and we were welcomed to a solid rain, and a swamp for an infield! Come 12:30, the rain ceased, and we set about to drying the track, and succeeded about an hour later. A few sprint finals were completed before rain came AGAIN! We waited a bit, and it subsided once more, but now the sun came out, and the swamp of an infield became a misty swamp, as the water evaporated. A short while later, it was dry once more, and the sun continued to shine for the rest of the event!

In the Sprints, we saw Jacob Schwingboth (dEVo) win Gold by default, as Rothengatter, his opponent, had to return to Vancouver. Cooper once more took Gold in the Master C, and Charles Durrant got the Gold for Master B. Keyln Akuna took Keith in the Gold medal round, tho Akuna is apparently not licensed in BC, and so the Gold went to Keith. In the Senior Women field of three, Jennifer Lee (Fast Twitch) came out on top, beating Trew in the only best-of-three that was held for the sprints (they started their round before it was announced all would be one-ups only, to ensure the event completed due to rain.)

The Jr Men and Sr Women lined up once more for their 25 Lap Scratch race, and Schwingboth and Laura Brown (Giant Bicycles Canada) both came out on top in their fields to collect Gold. The Senior Men battled ferociously, but a long attack in the final laps from Chris Reid (MASI-ADOBE) paid off, and he captured his first win of the event, with the field hot on his heels at the line.

Keirins follow quickly, Cooper taking the MaC Gold, Durrant the MaB Gold, and Akuna once more on top, with Michael Lawrence (Fast Twitch) taking 2nd and Gold. In the combines Jr and Women’s field, Schwingboth held in to collect first in the Juniors, and Laura Brown took the Gold for the women.

Points races followed. This time, all Masters, as well as Jr and Women’s fields were combined for a field of 16 riders. Schwingboth once more earned top honors with 1pt. Cooper scored the most points of all, collecting 21pts, and Gold as well in the Master C field. In the B field, Gottfried once more struck gold with 16pts, which is also what Jenny Trew, top woman, scored, also collecting another Gold. In the Sr. Men’s field with 72 laps (24km), Jonathan Gormick managed to lap the field, attacking about halfway into the race, and catching back on the 2nd final sprint. He finished with 51pts, ahead of Chris Reid, who impressively collected 41pts *without* lapping the field.

The final Provincial Championship event of the day was the 500m and 1000m ITT. In the Jr Men 1000m, Schwingboth again took gold with a 1’25. Cooper completed his Sprint Omnium hat trick in the MaC with a 38.1 500m, as did Durrant in the MaB field with his 38.0 500m. Senior Women saw Jen Lee with another sprint victory, riding a 39.5. In the men’s Kilo, Michael Lawrence collected more gold with his 1’13 ride.

The final event of the day was a Team Pursuit, and by 3 seconds we saw the team of Mike Cooper, Mike Chandler (Dr. Walker / GVVA), Chris Anstey (Schwalbe) and Charles Durrant defeat Julian Base (Team Whistler), Dave Shishkoff (OrganicAthlete), Emile De Rosnay (Gears and Grinds) and Chad Gottfried with a time of 5:26. Which was puzzling, since all four have ridden IP’s below that. =P

We would also like to recognize top riders in each field as Provincial Omnium Champions. In the Power side, Schwingboth took top honors for the Juniors, Mike Cooper and Charles Durrant were the top overall riders for Masters C & B, respectively. Jennifer Lee took top honors for the Senior Women, and Michael Lawrence was the top Omnium Senior Man, congratulations BC Power Omnium Champions!!

In the Enduro field, we seen Schwingboth and Cooper at the top once more. Chad Gottfried edged out Alexander Pope (Escape Velocity) for top honors in the Master B category. The top women’s Enduro rider was Laura Brown, and Chris Reid took top spot for the Senior Men, winning where Gormic didn’t. Hats off to our BC Enduro Omnium Champions!

Following the Team Pursuit, podium shots and recognition amongst peers were awarded, and prizes were drawn for the remaining competitors, almost all of whom took home items donated by Sequel Naturals (Vega), Straight Up Bicycles, Performance Bicycles, Rider’s Cycles, Oak Bay Bikes and Cycles West – thanks kindly for their continued contributions to track racing in BC!

Also, a big thank-you to our commissaires, as well as our volunteers who ensured the events ran smoothly. A thank-you also to Tim McLellan for photographing the event, check back on the GVVA website in a few days for these!

Full results (below) have been posted on the GVVA site here.

Final note: a reminder that Trackfest #3 / BC Cup #4 is Saturday, September 8th, once more in Victoria. Online registration is required (pay at sign-in on race-day, same process as Provincials) to compete for BC Cup points, sign up now here — closes Wed, Sept 5th. (If the links do not work, simply go to the GVVA website www.gvva.bc.ca and follow the prompts.)

Hope to see you out there!

Dave, GVVA Director of Racing


Flying 200

Junior Men
1. Michael Rothengatter (dEVo) 12.983
2. Jacob Schwingboth (dEVo) 0.636
3. Ben Cowburn (Burnaby Velodrome) 0.79
4. James Graham (Dr. Walker/GVVA) 2.729

Master Men C
1. Michael Cooper (Dr. Walker/GVVA) 12.121
2. Chris Anstey (Schwalbe) 0.85
3. James Holtz (Dr. Walker/GVVA) 1.584
4. Gerry Loster (Dr. Walker/GVVA) 1.799
5. Malcolm Faulkner (Dr. Walker/GVVA) 2.148

Master Men B
1. Charles Durrant (Schwalbe) 12.214
2. Chad Gottfried (Dr. Walker/GVVA) 0.133
3. Andy George (Fast Twitch) 0.452
4. Alexander Pope (Escape Velocity) 1.292

Senior Women
1. Jenny Trew (Giant Bicycles Canada) 13.382
2. Jennifer Lee 0.064
3. Lesley White (IND) 0.828
4. Barbara Bialokoz (bbphysio.com) 1.301
5. Michelle Lasota (Dr. Walker/GVVA) 1.519

Senior Men
1. Kelyn Akuna (Fast Twitch) 11.464
2. Keith Bruneau (Fast Twitch) 0.274
3. Michael Lawrence (Fast Twitch) 0.578
4. Michael McCorkell (IND) 0.813
5. Julian Base (Team Whistler) 1.095
6. Martin Machacek (OrganicAthlete) 1.156
7. Mike Chandler (Dr. Walker/GVVA) 1.317
8. Jody Edgar (Team Whistler) 1.565
9. David McLeod (IRC) 1.781
10. Brett Clark (IND) 2.683

Sprint Results Finals

Senior Women 1st and 2nd
1. Jennifer Lee (Fast Twitch)
2. Jenny Trew (Giant Bicycles Canada)

Junior Men 3rd and 4th
3. Ben Cowburn (Burnaby Velodrome)
4. James Graham (Dr. Walker/GVVA)

Junior Men Gold and Silver
1. Jacob Schwingboth (dEVo)
DNS Michael Rothengatter (dEVo)

Master Men C Bronze
3. Gerry Loster (Dr. Walker/GVVA)
DNS James Holtz (Dr. Walker/GVVA)

Master Men C Gold and Silver
1. Michael Cooper (Dr. Walker/GVVA)
2. Chris Anstey (Schwalbe)

Master Men B 3rd and 4th
3. Andy George (Fast Twitch)
4. Alexander Pope (Escape Velocity)

Master Men B Gold and Silver
1. Charles Durrant (Schwalbe)
2. Chad Gottfried (Dr. Walker/GVVA)

Senior Men 5th to 8th – one ride only
1. Mike Chandler (Dr. Walker/GVVA)
2. Jody Edgar (Team Whistler)
DNS Martin Machacek (OrganicAthlete)
DNS Julian Base (Team Whistler)

Senior Men Bronze
1. Michael Lawrence (Fast Twitch)
2. Michael McCorkell (IND)

Senior Men Gold Silver
1. Kelyn Akuna (Fast Twitch)
2. Keith Bruneau (Fast Twitch)

Individual Pursuit Results

Junior Men 3000 m
1. Michael Rothengatter (dEVo) 04:05.564
2. Jacob Schwingboth (dEVo) 04:30.061
3. Ben Cowburn (Burnaby Velodrome) 04:32.313
4. James Graham (Dr. Walker/GVVA) 05:54.812

Master C Men 2000m
1. Stephen Price (Dr. Walker/GVVA) 02:35.983
2. Chris Anstey (Schwalbe) 02:43.658
3. Michael Cooper (Dr. Walker/GVVA) 02:45.561
4. Malcolm Faulkner (Dr. Walker/GVVA) 02:52.482
5. James Holtz (Dr. Walker/GVVA) 02:52.649
6. Gerry Loster (Dr. Walker/GVVA) 02:58.420
7. Doug Preston (Escape Velocity) 03:00.196

Master B Men 3000m
1. Chad Gottfried (Dr. Walker/GVVA) 03:56.720
2. Alexander Pope (Escape Velocity) 04:07.889
3. Charles Durrant (Schwalbe) 04:08.731
4. Andy George (Fast Twitch) 04:13.705

Senior Women 3000m
1. Laura Brown (Giant Bicycles Canada) 04:06.457
2. Moriah MacGregor (Chicks Cycling Team) 04:09.868
3. Jenny Trew (Giant Bicycles Canada) 04:12.895
4. Barbara Bialokoz (bbphysio.com) 04:34.394
5. Michelle Lasota (Dr. Walker/GVVA) 04:54.423

Senior Men 4000m
1. Jonathan Gormick (MASI-ADOBE) 05:08.601
2. Chris Reid (MASI-ADOBE) 05:10.554
3. Jeff Ain (Escape Velocity) 05:11.169
4. Julian Base (Team Whistler) 05:18.159
5. Emile de Rosnay (Gears and Grinds) 05:23.017
6. Dave Shishkoff (OrganicAthlete) 05:26.053
7. Mike Chandler (Dr. Walker/GVVA) 05:40.376
8. Martin Machacek (OrganicAthlete) 05:43.748
9. David McLeod (IRC) 05:46.471
10. Jody Edgar (Team Whistler) 05:48.113

500k and Kilo TT Results

Junior Men
1. Jacob Schwingboth (dEVo) 01:25.66
2. Ben Cowburn (Burnaby Velodrome) 00:03.60
3. James Graham (Dr. Walker/GVVA) 00:19.38
DNS Michael Rothengatter (dEVo)

Master C Men
1. Michael Cooper (Dr. Walker/GVVA) 00:38.12
2. Malcolm Faulkner (Dr. Walker/GVVA) 00:02.62
3. James Holtz (Dr. Walker/GVVA) 00:05.68
4. Gerry Loster (Dr. Walker/GVVA) 00:05.78
5. Tom Hobor (Dr. Walker/GVVA) 00:15.36
DNS Dave Mercer (Dr. Walker/GVVA)
DNS Doug Preston (Escape Velocity)

Master B Men
1. Charles Durrant (Schwalbe) 00:38.07
2. Chad Gottfried (Dr. Walker/GVVA) 00:00.80
3. Andy George (Fast Twitch) 00:02.80
4. Alexander Pope (Escape Velocity) 00:03.23

Senior Women
1. Jennifer Lee (Fast Twitch) 00:39.54
2. Laura Brown (Giant Bicycles Canada) 00:01.04
3. Jenny Trew (Giant Bicycles Canada) 00:02.83
4. Moriah MacGregor (Chicks Cycling Team) 00:04.83
5. Michelle Lasota (Dr. Walker/GVVA) 00:05.49
6. Brenda Hobor (Dr. Walker/GVVA) 00:20.22
DNF Barbara Pope (IND)
DNS Barbara Bialokoz (bbphysio.com)
DNS Lesley White (IND)

Senior Men
1. Michael Lawrence (Fast Twitch) 01:13.66
2. Julian Base (Team Whistler) 00:04.77
3. Jody Edgar (Team Whistler) 00:07.63
4. Michael McCorkell (IND) 00:10.77
DNS Martin Machacek (OrganicAthlete)
DNS Emile de Rosnay (Gears and Grinds)
DNS David McLeod (IRC)
DNS Dave Shishkoff (OrganicAthlete)

Keirin Results

Master C Men
1. Michael Cooper (Dr. Walker/GVVA) Gold
2. Chris Anstey (Schwalbe) Silver
3. Malcolm Faulkner (Dr. Walker/GVVA) Bronze
4. Gerry Loster (Dr. Walker/GVVA)
5. James Holtz (Dr. Walker/GVVA)
DNS Dave Mercer (Dr. Walker/GVVA)
DNS Doug Preston (Escape Velocity)

Master B Men
1. Charles Durrant (Schwalbe) Gold
2. Chad Gottfried (Dr. Walker/GVVA) Silver
3. Alexander Pope (Escape Velocity)
4. Andy George (Fast Twitch)

Senior Men
1. Kelyn Akuna (Fast Twitch) Gold
2. Michael Lawrence (Fast Twitch) Silver
3. Keith Bruneau (Fast Twitch) Bronze
4. Michael McCorkell (IND)
5. Mike Chandler (Dr. Walker/GVVA)
DNS Julian Base (Team Whistler)
DNS David McLeod (IRC)
DNS Dave Shishkoff (OrganicAthlete)

Junior Men and Senior Women
1. Laura Brown (Giant Bicycles Canada) Gold
2. Jenny Trew (Giant Bicycles Canada) Silver
3. Jacob Schwingboth (dEVo) Gold
4. Jennifer Lee (Fast Twitch)
5. Ben Cowburn (Burnaby Velodrome)
6. Moriah MacGregor (Chicks Cycling Team)
DNS Michael Rothengatter (dEVo)

Scratch Race

Master B and Master C Men
1. Charles Durrant (Schwalbe) Gold Master B
2. Alexander Pope (Escape Velocity) Silver Master B
3. Michael Cooper (Dr. Walker/GVVA) Gold Master C
4. Andy George (Fast Twitch)
5. Chris Anstey (Schwalbe) Silver Master C
6. Malcolm Faulkner (Dr. Walker/GVVA) Bronze Master C
7. Chad Gottfried (Dr. Walker/GVVA)
DNF James Holtz (Dr. Walker/GVVA)
DNF Doug Preston (Escape Velocity)
DNF Gerry Loster (Dr. Walker/GVVA)
DNS Dave Mercer (Dr. Walker/GVVA)

Junior Men
1. Jacob Schwingboth (dEVo) Gold
2. Ben Cowburn (Burnaby Velodrome) Silver
3 DNF James Graham (Dr. Walker/GVVA)
DNS Michael Rothengatter (dEVo)

Senior Women
1. Laura Brown (Giant Bicycles Canada) Gold
2. Jenny Trew (Giant Bicycles Canada) Silver
3. Moriah MacGregor (Chicks Cycling Team) Bronze
4 DNF Michelle Lasota (Dr. Walker/GVVA)
5 DNF Jennifer Lee

Senior Men
1. Chris Reid (MASI-ADOBE) Gold
2. Julian Base (Team Whistler) Silver
3. Michael Lawrence (Fast Twitch) Bronze
4. Jeff Ain (Escape Velocity)
5. Michael McCorkell (IND)
6. Emile de Rosnay (Gears and Grinds)
7. Kelyn Akuna (Fast Twitch)
8. Dave Shishkoff (OrganicAthlete)
10 DNF Mike Chandler (Dr. Walker/GVVA)
11 DNF Keith Bruneau (Fast Twitch)
9 DNF Jonathan Gormick (MASI-ADOBE)
DNS David McLeod (IRC)

Team Pursuit
Only two teams participated for times only

1. Charles Durrant
Michael Cooper
Mike Chandler
Chris Anstey 05:26.6

2. Chad Gottfried
Emile de Rosnay
Dave Shishkoff
Julian Base 00:02.4

Points Race

Master Men B and C, Senior Women, Junior Men
1. Michael Cooper (Dr. Walker/GVVA) MC 21
2. Chad Gottfried (Dr. Walker/GVVA) MB 16
3. Jenny Trew (Giant Bicycles Canada) SW 16
4. Andy George (Fast Twitch) MB 14
5. Alexander Pope (Escape Velocity) MB 12
6. Malcolm Faulkner (Dr. Walker/GVVA) MC 7
7. Chris Anstey (Schwalbe) MC 6
8. Laura Brown (Giant Bicycles Canada) SW 5
9. Jacob Schwingboth (dEVo) JM 1
10. Moriah MacGregor (Chicks Cycling Team) SW 0
11. Ben Cowburn (Burnaby Velodrome) JM 0
12. James Holtz (Dr. Walker/GVVA) MC -19
DNF Gerry Loster (Dr. Walker/GVVA) MC
DNF Charles Durrant (Schwalbe) MB
DNF Michelle Lasota (Dr. Walker/GVVA) SW
DNF James Graham (Dr. Walker/GVVA) JM
DNS Dave Mercer (Dr. Walker/GVVA) MC
DNS Doug Preston (Escape Velocity) MC
DNS Jennifer Lee (Fast Twitch) SW
DNS Michael Rothengatter (dEVo) JM

Senior Men – 72 laps
1. Jonathan Gormick (MASI-ADOBE) SM 12
2. Chris Reid (MASI-ADOBE) SM 5
3. Julian Base (Team Whistler) MA 3
4. Jeff Ain (Escape Velocity) SM 2
5. Dave Shishkoff (OrganicAthlete) SM 1
6. Emile de Rosnay (Gears and Grinds) SM
7. Michael McCorkell (IND) SM
8. Mike Chandler (Dr. Walker/GVVA) SM

Endurance Omnium Results

Junior Men
1. Jacob Schwingboth (dEVo) 27
2. Ben Cowburn (Burnaby Velodrome) JM 20
3. Michael Rothengatter (dEVo) 10
4. James Graham (Dr. Walker/GVVA) 5

Master C Men
1. Michael Cooper (Dr. Walker/GVVA) 26
2. Chris Anstey (Schwalbe) 20
3. Malcolm Faulkner (Dr. Walker/GVVA) 18
4. Stephen Price (Dr. Walker/GVVA) 10
5. James Holtz (Dr. Walker/GVVA) 9
6. Gerry Loster (Dr. Walker/GVVA) 3
7. Doug Preston (Escape Velocity) 2

Master B Men
1. Chad Gottfried (Dr. Walker/GVVA) 25
2. Alexander Pope (Escape Velocity) 20
3. Andy George (Fast Twitch) 18
4. Charles Durrant (Schwalbe) 16

Senior Women
1. Laura Brown (Giant Bicycles Canada) 27
2. Jenny Trew (Giant Bicycles Canada) 23
3. Moriah MacGregor (Chicks Cycling Team) SW 19
4. Barbara Bialokoz (bbphysio.com) 5
5. Michelle Lasota (Dr. Walker/GVVA) 4

Senior Men
1. Chris Reid (MASI-ADOBE) 24
2. Jonathan Gormick (MASI-ADOBE) 20
3. Julian Base (Team Whistler) 18
4. Jeff Ain (Escape Velocity) 16
5. Emile de Rosnay (Gears and Grinds) 10
6. Dave Shishkoff (OrganicAthlete) 8
7. Michael Lawrence (Fast Twitch) 6
8. Michael McCorkell (IND) SM 6
9. Mike Chandler (Dr. Walker/GVVA) 3
10. Kelyn Akuna (Fast Twitch) 2
11. Martin Machacek (OrganicAthlete) 1
12. David McLeod (IRC) 1
13. Jody Edgar (Team Whistler) 1

Power Omnium Results

Junior Men
1. Jacob Schwingboth (dEVo) 30
2. Ben Cowburn (Burnaby Velodrome) 21
3. James Graham (Dr. Walker/GVVA) 12

Master C Men
1. Michael Cooper (Dr. Walker/GVVA) 30
2. Gerry Loster (Dr. Walker/GVVA) 16
3. Chris Anstey (Schwalbe) 14
4. Malcolm Faulkner (Dr. Walker/GVVA) 13
5. James Holtz (Dr. Walker/GVVA) 11
6. Tom Hobor (Dr. Walker/GVVA) 4

Master B Men
1. Charles Durrant (Schwalbe) 30
2. Chad Gottfried (Dr. Walker/GVVA) 21
3. Andy George (Fast Twitch) 17
4. Alexander Pope (Escape Velocity) 16

Senior Men
1. Michael Lawrence (Fast Twitch) 23
2. Kelyn Akuna (Fast Twitch) 20
3. Michael McCorkell (IND) 15
4. Keith Bruneau (Fast Twitch) 13
5. Jody Edgar (Team Whistler) 9
6. Mike Chandler (Dr. Walker/GVVA) 8
7. Julian Base (Team Whistler) 7

Senior Women
1. Jennifer Lee (Fast Twitch) 26
2. Laura Brown (Giant Bicycles Canada) 23
3. Jenny Trew (Giant Bicycles Canada) 20
4. Moriah MacGregor (Chicks Cycling Team) 10
5. Michelle Lasota (Dr. Walker/GVVA) 4

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