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2006 TransRockies Challenge — Stage 2

August 7, 2006 — Southern Alberta sees some of the most extreme weather in Canada with searing hot summers, constant wind and bitterly cold winters. The riders of the 2006 TransRockies Challenge got the first two during stage two with searing temperatures which led to several heat-related abandons and lots of shattered faces at the finishline at rugged Crowsnest Pass.

The 79 km stage included well over 2,000 metres of climbing, and tested individuals, teams and equipment to the limit with dry, rocky trails and a profile which was constantly up and down. The tough course and conditions produced some big changes in the standings and one very happy hometown Stage winner.

Right off the start, the riders’ tired legs were faced with 1,000 metres of climbing to the top of Sparwood Ridge – the majority in 8 km at an average grade of 12% with several sections much steeper. Once they reached the top of Sparwood Ridge and crossed the Continental Divide into Alberta, they were treated to 13 kms of descent before the last 40 kms of the stage which rolled up and down relentlessly with little coverage or protection from the baking midday sun.

Though each of the top four teams suffered mechanicals, the first victims of the course were yesterday’s winners Andreas Hestler and Seamus McGrath (Rocky Mountain Business Objects/Felt Racing) who suffered two flats and subpar legs, losing 11 minutes in the process. The lead was given over to local boy Troy Misseghers and partner Eric Batty of Mountain Bike City who seized control despite having a flat of their own. So, after 4:07:22 of racing, Misseghers was able to roll down Main Street of his hometown with with a gap which launched his team into the overall leaders’ jerseys by nine minutes over Hestler and McGrath.

The third place overall duo of Tim Heemskerk and Evan Sherman were slowed by a broken derailleur hanger and a flat which left them in fourth place on the day but still holding third overall. Young guns Matt Green (21) of Rocky Mountain Bicycles and Stefan Widmer (22) of Team Sugoi were able to survive Green’s late broken chain for third place and their first podium placing in TransRockies.

In the Open Women’s category, Nikki Kassel and Lesley Clements of Whistler had their own mechanical when Clements rear tubeless tire lost its seal and flatted. A quick repair got it together again and they were able to turn on the jets for a finishing time of 5:23:37 and a 12 minute win over Sue Butler and Anna Vacca (Team Barenaked/Cannondale) of the U.S. who crossed the line in 5:35:59. Linda Wallenfels and David Harris of Team Health FX solidified their overall lead in the Open Mixed category with a second straight victory over multi-time La Ruta de los Conquistadores Champ Louise Kobin and partner Eric Warkentin.

Tomorrow is Stage 3: Blairmore, Crowsnest Pass to Elkford: 109km/2,610 metres of climbing, and the weather forecast is for more clear blue skies and high temperatures as the riders ride 109 kms with over 2,600 metres of climbing including a huge ascent up and over Racehorse Pass and back into British Columbia to the finish in Elkford.

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Stage 2 Results


1 NORTON, Dan (USA) IDDINGS, Randy (USA) Ranarok/Greggs 02:18.5
2 MOFFATT, Steve (NZL) FOSTER, Bob (NZL) Team Cannondale 00:23:08.82
3 SONNTAGBAUER, Herfried (GER) LOETZNER, Peter (AUT) Team MTB-Bergstrasse 00:38:42.31
4 BROWN, Graeme (NZL) LAW, Malcolm (NZL) Kiwi Connection 01:40:03.56
5 BENSON, Bill (CDN) CHAMPAGNE, Robert (CDN) Toyota Never Quit Team 01:44:37.17
6 NG, Philip (CDN) BROWN, Jeff (CDN) RADIAL MOTION 02:12:01.40

7 LATORRACA, Richard (USA) BONTRAGER, Keith (USA) Bontrager Wheelworks 02:42:12.26
8 LAWRIE, Dennis (RSA) COLLETT, David (RSA) GFP Cycopsyclists 03:10:30.12
9 SACHS, Brett (RSA) NESER, Thys (RSA) Oshkosh 03:32:57.79
10 BOUGOURD, Paul (AUS) PARKER, Simon (GBR) Climb and Punishment 03:43:19.11

80+ Men

1 MOORE, Davey (USA) GOULD, Jon (USA) Team Tamarack/Scott USA 50:09.7
2 MAGEE, Stan (CDN) CAVALIERE, Mike Riders of Graymount 00:05:25.99
3 HAMILTON, RICH (CDN) EDWARDS, Mike (CDN) AreaConnect.com / Different Bikes 00:16:03.97

4 PETERSON, Jack (GBR) HILL, Gary (GBR) UK NUMPLUMZ 00:27:44.37
5 PLANT, Dale (CDN) SHIERS, Derek (USA) Kona/TiCycles 00:27:49.29
6 BULLENS, JOHN (NED) WOUTERS, Theo (NED) Otten Marathon Racing Team 2 00:32:05.74
7 GULOIEN, Nels (CDN) NEWITT, Paul (CDN) Team Pedal Kona 00:33:49.02
8 VAN ROOY, Jan (NED) SWAANS, Hans (NED) JOYB!KE — BTH – JOYBIKE.nl 00:46:07.19
9 MURPHY, Tim (USA) WEST, Patrick (USA) Chikookabra 00:48:54.10
10 MALTHANER, Chris (CDN) CHILTON, John (CDN) Bo’s Buddies 00:53:00.50

80+ Mixed

1 COWEN, Joey (CDN) SMITH, Margie (CDN) Wilson Mountain Sport/RBCDS 55:51.9
2 TETZ, Thomas (CDN) GOEPPEL, Tamara (GER) Leki BikeXtreme 00:11:48.52
3 TABBERNOR, Jennifer (CDN) BANDURA, Jeff (CDN) BikeKootenayRockies.com 00:50:42.65

4 BAUM, Gary (GBR) MEEKS, Jane (GBR) Eden Wheelers 01:01:39.55
5 MCMASTER, Alina (USA) BROOKS, DJ (AUS) Aroc ‘in Roll ‘in 01:16:51.24
6 MACKINTOSH, Rose (RSA) MACKINTOSH, Gavin (RSA) Makatini 02:06:23.55
7 OLSON, Julie (CDN) BURWASH, David (USA) Sofa King Fun 02:23:08.62
8 OOT-COFFEY, Kathleen (USA) MCCARTHY, Dan (USA) b.i.k.e. Syracuse 02:24:24.41
9 WOLFROM, Dan (CDN) WALKER, Jackie (CDN) Big Dog 03:19:02.44
10 CEPEDA, Lauren (USA) CEPEDA, Caesar (USA) Cleats and Cleavage 06:04:08.10
11 DU PLESSIS, Hester (RSA) DU PLESSIS, Gert (RSA) Boland 06:04:08.10

Open Men

1 BATTY, Eric (CDN) MISSEGHERS, Troy (CDN) Mountain Bike City 07:22.6
2 MCGRATH, Seamus (CDN) HESTLER, Andreas (CDN) Rocky Mountain Business Objects – Felt 00:11:27.76
3 GREEN, Matt (CDN) WIDMER, Stefan (CDN) RMB 1 00:11:34.83

4 SHERMAN, Evan (NED) HEEMSKERK, Tim (CDN) United Cycle Trek 00:12:16.82
5 VALE, martin (CDN) PALMER, Mike (CDN) Aviawest-Vega 00:24:46.32
6 POIDEVIN, Leighton (CDN) MCCROY, Heath (CDN) Soul Bro 00:38:07.49
7 BESLER, Shane (CDN) GAFFNEY, Steven (CDN) OPUS 00:50:45.58

8 HUCKSON, Sebastian (GBR) SPRATT, Mark (GBR) LUNAR POWER 00:54:56.35
9 SIMSON, Hazen (CDN) DRAPER, Ryan (CDN) Downer / Reboundcycle.com 00:55:31.01
10 JAKOBSEN, Stefan (CDN) THIBAULT, Normon (CDN) Frontrunners 01:00:26.03

Open Women

1 KASSEL, Nikki (CDN) CLEMENTS, Lesley (CDN) Uncivil Servants 23:37.6
2 VACCA, Anna (USA) BUTLER, Sue (USA) Bear Naked/Cannondale MTB Team 00:12:21.70
3 LEWIS, Melanie (CDN) MANN, Nicola (GBR) Ticycles/Avanti Racing 00:59:18.37
4 WATSON, Alexandra (CDN) NEWTON, Michelle (CDN) The Steed Sistas 01:29:44.42

5 VERCAMMEN, Patrice (NED) SWAANS, Truus (NED) Otten Marathon Racing Team 1 02:33:13.40
6 BARTLETT, Lisa (CDN) SANTERRE, Marie-Josee (CDN) Canmore Girlz 04:44:02.07


1 SCHMIDT, Jeff (CDN) SCHMIDT, Kevin (CDN) Mudlarks 30:41.3
2 JANZEN, Jodi (CDN) NELSON, David (CDN) Pant Like A Pug 00:00:00.00

3 CRESSWELL, Paddy (RSA) DAVIES, Jeremy (RSA) Davies Civils 1 00:09:54.22

Overall after Stage 2


1 IDDINGS, Randy (USA) NORTON, Dan (USA) Ranarok/Greggs 44:38.4
2 FOSTER, Bob (NZL) MOFFATT, Steve (NZL) Team Cannondale 00:39:01.42
3 LOETZNER, Peter (GER) SONNTAGBAUER, Herfried (AUT) Team MTB-Bergstrasse 01:03:31.02
4 LAW, Malcolm (NZL) BROWN, Graeme (NZL) Kiwi Connection 03:02:28.47
5 BROWN, Jeff (CDN) NG, Philip (CDN) RADIAL MOTION 03:36:56.77
6 BONTRAGER, Keith (USA) LATORRACA, Richard (USA) Bontrager Wheelworks 03:42:20.05
7 CHAMPAGNE, Robert (CDN) BENSON, Bill (CDN) Toyota Never Quit Team 03:45:55.56
8 NESER, Thys (RSA) SACHS, Brett (RSA) Oshkosh 05:14:42.67
9 COLLETT, David (RSA) LAWRIE, Dennis (RSA) GFP Cycopsyclists 05:31:33.15
10 PARKER, Simon (AUS) BOUGOURD, Paul (GBR) Climb and Punishment 06:28:33.85

80+ Men

1 GOULD, Jon (USA) MOORE, Davey (USA) Team Tamarack/Scott USA 26:50.7
2 WOUTERS, Theo (NED) BULLENS, JOHN (NED) Otten Marathon Racing Team 2 00:18:10.61
3 EDWARDS, Mike (CDN) HAMILTON, RICH (CDN) AreaConnect.com / Different Bikes 00:24:02.99
4 CAVALIERE, Mike (CDN) MAGEE, Stan Riders of Graymount 00:27:41.40
5 NEWITT, Paul (CDN) GULOIEN, Nels (CDN) Team Pedal Kona 00:44:47.61

6 HILL, Gary (GBR) PETERSON, Jack (GBR) UK NUMPLUMZ 00:45:31.31
7 SHIERS, Derek (CDN) PLANT, Dale (USA) Kona/TiCycles 00:50:46.42
8 SWAANS, Hans (NED) VAN ROOY, Jan (NED) JOYB!KE — BTH – JOYBIKE.nl 01:16:54.05
9 WEST, Patrick (USA) MURPHY, Tim (USA) Chikookabra 01:31:20.47
10 MILLON, John (USA) FIEBINGER, Zdenek (CEZ) Outspokin 01:35:06.30

80+ Mixed

1 SMITH, Margie (CDN) COWEN, Joey (CDN) Wilson Mountain Sport/RBCDS 24:16.7
2 GOEPPEL, Tamara (CDN) TETZ, Thomas (GER) Leki BikeXtreme 00:59:47.59
3 BANDURA, Jeff (CDN) TABBERNOR, Jennifer (CDN) BikeKootenayRockies.com 01:27:08.47

4 MEEKS, Jane (GBR) BAUM, Gary (GBR) Eden Wheelers 01:58:14.87
5 BROOKS, DJ (USA) MCMASTER, Alina (AUS) Aroc ‘in Roll ‘in 02:23:01.98
6 MACKINTOSH, Gavin (RSA) MACKINTOSH, Rose (RSA) Makatini 03:04:46.16
7 MCCARTHY, Dan (USA) OOT-COFFEY, Kathleen (USA) b.i.k.e. Syracuse 03:30:28.69
8 BURWASH, David (CDN) OLSON, Julie (USA) Sofa King Fun 04:14:27.34
9 WALKER, Jackie (CDN) WOLFROM, Dan (CDN) Big Dog 06:30:54.46

10 DU PLESSIS, Gert (RSA) DU PLESSIS, Hester (RSA) Boland 08:13:57.84
11 CEPEDA, Caesar (USA) CEPEDA, Lauren (USA) Cleats and Cleavage 09:08:08.22

Open Men

1 MISSEGHERS, Troy (CDN) BATTY, Eric (CDN) Mountain Bike City 10:38.9
2 HESTLER, Andreas (CDN) MCGRATH, Seamus (CDN) Rocky Mountain Business Objects – Felt 00:09:19.10

3 HEEMSKERK, Tim (NED) SHERMAN, Evan (CDN) United Cycle Trek 00:12:33.14
4 WIDMER, Stefan (CDN) GREEN, Matt (CDN) RMB 1 00:18:23.86
5 PALMER, Mike (CDN) VALE, martin (CDN) Aviawest-Vega 00:40:03.85
6 MCCROY, Heath (CDN) POIDEVIN, Leighton (CDN) Soul Bro 01:04:53.23
7 GAFFNEY, Steven (CDN) BESLER, Shane (CDN) OPUS 01:20:21.56
8 DRAPER, Ryan (CDN) SIMSON, Hazen (CDN) Downer / Reboundcycle.com 01:33:16.02

9 SPRATT, Mark (GBR) HUCKSON, Sebastian (GBR) LUNAR POWER 01:36:11.13
10 THIBAULT, Normon (CDN) JAKOBSEN, Stefan (CDN) Frontrunners 01:47:03.22

Open Mixed

1 WALLENFELS, Lynda (USA) HARRIS, David (USA) Health-FX 46:10.8
2 KOBIN, Louise (USA) WARKENTIN, Eric (USA) X-fusion 00:15:47.08
3 KOERBER, Samuel (USA) STEVENSON, Tricia (USA) *Cannondale/LandRover* 00:19:46.55
4 HARRISON, Hillary (USA) WATTS, Ryan (CDN) Crissi – Crystal Hotels 00:39:41.08
5 FRYE, David (USA) FRYE, Beth (USA) Frye Daze 00:55:29.02
6 ALEXANDER, Melanie (GBR) HOLMES, Richard (GBR) FANCIER RIDE 01:08:25.45
7 LOPEZ, Nancy (CDN) DAVIS, Kobe (CDN) Big Country 01:53:19.63
8 MARTIN, Blair (NZL) EVANS, Heather (NZL) Kiwi Flyers 02:05:26.78
9 FRASER, Cyd (CDN) BARTLETT, Craig (CDN) Troubled Beavers 02:38:04.69
10 MCKEAN, Ruth (IRL) CRIPPIN, Roger (GBR) Flying Scots 02:51:57.39

Open Women

1 CLEMENTS, Lesley (CDN) KASSEL, Nikki (CDN) Uncivil Servants 21:33.7
2 BUTLER, Sue (USA) VACCA, Anna (USA) Bear Naked/Cannondale MTB Team 00:23:01.30
3 MANN, Nicola (CDN) LEWIS, Melanie (GBR) Ticycles/Avanti Racing 01:23:47.46
4 NEWTON, Michelle (CDN) WATSON, Alexandra (CDN) The Steed Sistas 02:23:26.68
5 SWAANS, Truus (NED) VERCAMMEN, Patrice (NED) Otten Marathon Racing Team 1 04:15:51.11
6 SANTERRE, Marie-Josee (CDN) BARTLETT, Lisa (CDN) Canmore Girlz 06:22:07.18


1 SCHMIDT, Kevin (CDN) SCHMIDT, Jeff (CDN) Mudlarks 24:00.9
2 NELSON, David (CDN) JANZEN, Jodi (CDN) Pant Like A Pug 02:06:40.38

3 DAVIES, Jeremy (RSA) CRESSWELL, Paddy (RSA) Davies Civils 1 02:16:34.60

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