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2006 Track Worlds – Day 3 PM – Report and Results

April 15, 2006 (Bordeaux, France) – Thirty-year-old Natallia Tsylinskaya of Belarus won her second gold and her second world title today at the 2006 Track Cycling World Championships in Bordeaux, France.

On the first day of competition, Tsylinskaya won gold in the Women’s 500 Metre event, her seventh career title. Today she won the Women’s Sprint event in grand style, winning two straight against Clara Sanchez of France, while defending 2005 World Champion Victoria Pendleton of Great Britain had to settle for bronze.

Meanwhile, in the Men’s Scratch Race and Men’s Team Pursuit there were upsets and unexpected champions. For the second time in this Championships, the French had reason to cheer and celebrate when Jérôme Neuville of France won the Men’s Scratch Race. Neuville was only ranked 11th coming into this competition and was not one of the favorites to win.

Also not one of the favorites to win were the Australia Pursuit Team. With their top riders only ranked 25th the Australia team of Peter Dawson, Matthew Harley Goss, Mark Jamieson and Stephen Wooldridge were considered young and inexperienced but it was their day to shine. It came down to hundredths of a second, but their time of 4.01.491 minutes just slipped ahead of Great Britain’s Pursuit team’s time of 4.01.527 minutes for the win.

Stay tuned, for one more day of racing!

Results – Day 3 Afternoon Session

Men’s Sprints

1/8 finals

Heat 1
1 Theo Bos (Netherlands) 10.623
2 Ryan Bayley (Australia)

Heat 2
1 Craig Maclean (Great Britain) 10.978
2 Teun Mulder (Netherlands)

Heat 3
1 Mickaël Bourgain (France) 10.822
2 Lukasz Kwiatkowski (Poland)

Heat 4
1 Maximilian Levy (Germany) 10.919
2 Damian Zielinski (Poland)

Heat 5
1 Stefan Nimke (Germany) 10.692
2 Roberto Chiappa (Italy)

Heat 6
1 Ross Edgar (Great Britain) dead heat in 10.827
1 Arnaud Tournant (France)

Heat 6 rerun
1 Arnaud Tournant (France) 10.904
2 Ross Edgar (Great Britain)

1/8 repechage

Heat 1
1 Damian Zielinski (Poland) 10.869
2 Ryan Bayley (Australia)
3 Ross Edgar (Great Britain)

Heat 2
1 Roberto Chiappa (Italy) dead heat for 1-2 in 10.888
1 Teun Mulder (Netherlands)
3 Lukasz Kwiatkowski (Poland)

Heat 2 rerun for 1-2
1 Roberto Chiappa (Italy) 10.989
2 Teun Mulder (Netherlands)

1/4 finals

Heat 1
1 Theo Bos (Netherlands) 10.540 10.778
2 Roberto Chiappa (Italy)

Heat 2
1 Craig Maclean (Great Britain) 10.753 10.691
2 Damian Zielinski (Poland)

Heat 3
1 Mickaël Bourgain (France) 10.895 10.771
2 Arnaud Tournant (France)

Heat 4
1 Stefan Nimke (Germany) 11.082 10.468
2 Maximilian Levy (Germany)

For 5th-7th

5 Damian Zielinski (Poland) 10.954
6 Maximilian Levy (Germany)
7 Roberto Chiappa (Italy)

Women’s sprint


1 Natallia Tsylinskaya (Belarus) 11.445 11.648
2 Clara Sanchez (France)

3 Victoria Pendleton (Great Britain) 12.027 11.882
4 Shuang Guo (China)

Men’s scratch


1 Jérôme Neuville (France)
2 Angel Colla (Argentina)
3 Ioannis Tamouridis (Greece)
4 Wim Stroetinga (Netherlands)
5 Danilo Napolitano (Italy)
6 Rafal Ratajczyk (Poland)
7 Vasil Kiryienka (Belarus)
8 Andreas Muller (Germany)
9 Unai Elorriaga Zubiaur (Spain)
10 Ivan Kovalev (Russia)
11 Hayden Godfrey (New Zealand)
12 Alex Rasmussen (Denmark)
13 Mario Lexmüller (Austria)
14 Carlos Manuel Hernandez (Mexico)
15 Matthew Gilmore (Belgium)
16 Taiji Nishitani (Japan)
17 Jorge Soto (Uruguay)
18 Oleksandr Polivoda (Ukraine)
DNF Jiri Hochmann (Czech Republic)
DNF Mark Cavendish (Great Britain)
DNF Bobby Lea (USA)
DNF Martin Gilbert (Canada)
DNF Franco Marvulli (Switzerland)

Team Pursuit


1 Australia 4.01.491 (59.629 km/h)
Peter Dawson (Australia)
Matthew Harley Goss (Australia)
Mark Jamieson (Australia)
Stephen Wooldridge (Australia)

2 Great Britain 4.01.527
Stephen Cummings (Great Britain)
Rob Hayles (Great Britain)
Paul Manning (Great Britain)
Geraint Thomas (Great Britain)

3 Ukraine 4.04.695 (58.848 km/h)
Volodymyr Dyudya (Ukraine)
Roman Kononenko (Ukraine)
Maksym Polyshchuk (Ukraine)
Lyubomyr Polatayko (Ukraine)

4 Netherlands 4.05.305
Levi Heimans (Netherlands)
Jens Mouris (Netherlands)
Peter Schep (Netherlands)
Niki Terpstra (Netherlands)

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