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2006 Tour de Gastown — Women

July 19, 2006 (Vancouver, B.C.) — Symmetrics Cycling hit the streets of Vancouver last night for one of the showcase events of BC Superweek last night, the 2006 Tour of Gastown. In front of a crowd of 30,000 Symmetrics’ Mandy Poitras showed her legs are coming back from a knee injury with a solid sixth in the women’s event, with BC’s own Gina Grain (Colavita/Cooking Light) defending her 2005 win.

A field of 45 women started the 30-lap race with aggressive riding from the start. Following a chaotic first straight where half a dozen women hit the deck, the New Zealand-based Jazz Apple team began a flurry of attacks that would pepper the entire event. The four Symmetrics women entered in the event – Leah Goldstein, Marni Hambleton, Mandy Poitras and Maria Lee were particularly vigilant in covering the moves, eager to show the large crowd why the Yellow-and-Black is Canada’s premiere cycling team.

After many moves were reeled back, in part to the powerful legs of Goldstein, the field was prepped for a bunch gallop to the line, with Grain taking it handily over double 2006 National Champion Alexandra Wrubleski (H&R Block). Poitras fought hard in the ever-close sprint, just missing a podium spot. “I’m pretty happy with my legs though, this is a really good sign for the rest of the season,” Poitras said afterward. “And I’m really happy with the way we rode – the team was at the front throughout the race.”

Results Women – 36 kms

1 Gina Grain (CAN) Colavita Cooking Light 52:35.8
2 Alexandra Wrubleski (CAN) H&R Block 52:36.0
3 Alison Testroete (CAN) CMC/Bow Cycle 52:36.2
4 Joelle Numainville (CAN) Team Biovail 52:36.5
5 Lisa Sweeney (CAN) Colorado Premier Training – Colnago 52:36.8
6 Mandy Poitras (CAN) Symmetrics Cycling Team 52:36.8
7 Sarah Uhl (USA) Home Depot Center Team 52:37.0
8 Marni Hambleton (CAN) Symmetrics Cycling Team 52:37.0
9 Carissa Wilkes (NZL) Jazz Apple Cycling Team 52:37.1
10 Lieselot Decroix (BEL) Velo Bella – Kona Road Team 52:37.3
11 Stacey Spencer (CAN) TREK – Red Truck Ale 52:37.6
12 Sarah Stewart (CAN) Wedgewood Cycling Team 52:38.2
13 Serena Sheridan (NZL) Jazz Apple Cycling Team 52:38.4
14 Jennifer Lee (CAN) GS Campione 52:38.5
15 Leah Goldstein (ISR) Symmetrics Cycling Team 52:38.6
16 Michelle Hyland (NZL) Jazz Apple Cycling Team 52:38.7
17 Laura Brown (CAN) CMC/Bow Cycle 52:39.1
18 Alison Sydor (CAN) Rocky Mountain – Business Objects 52:39.4
19 Barb Zimich (CAN) Team Coastal 52:39.9
20 Maria Lee (CAN) Symmetrics Cycling Team 52:41.1
21 Lisa Tasa (CAN) Chapman Land Surveying Racing 52:41.2
22 Anna Tratnyek (CAN) Terry Precision 52:41.3
23 Leah Guloien (CAN) Sugoi / Giant 52:41.8
24 Lee Darling (CAN) Team Coastal 52:42.0
25 Jen Chapman (USA) Velo Bella – Kona Road Team 52:42.1
26 Susan Smith (CAN) A.C. Lyon Vaise 52:42.8
27 Claire Cameron (CAN) GS Campione 52:44.9
28 Kristine Brynjolfson (CAN) Team Coastal 52:46.1
29 Brei Gudsell (NZL) Jazz Apple Cycling Team 52:48.6
30 Audrey Lemieux (CAN) Colavita Cooking Light 52:51.5
31 Hiroko Shimada (JPN) Velo Bella – Kona Road Team 52:51.7
32 Sarah Kerlin (USA) Velo Bella – Kona Road Team 52:52.9
33 Rosara Joseph (NZL) Jazz Apple Cycling Team 52:56.4
DNF Jane Ziegler (USA) Velo Bella – Kona Road Team
DNF Kele Murdin (USA) Velo Bella – Kona Road Team
DNF Lauren Koedyk (NZL) Jazz Apple Cycling Team
DNF Natasha Kuzmak (CAN) Synergy Racing
DNF Tanya Bagnell (CAN) ERTC
DNF Amara Boursaw (USA) Gregg’s Trek VW
DNF Marisa Russell (USA) Landis/Trek/VW
DNF Norrene Godfrey (USA) Team Rubicon / Gleukos
DNF Christy Love (CAN) Sugoi / Giant
DNS Jen Joynt (USA) Velo Bella – Kona Road Team
DNS Tricia Orzeck (CAN) Synergy Racing
DNS Katherine Short (CAN) On The Edge/ Sprockids

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