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2006 Tim Hortons DH Nationals — Junior/Elite Updates

July 23, 2006 (Whistler, B.C.) — The 2006 DH Nationals are underway in very hot, dry and dusty conditions.

Junior Women

With only two competitors the 2006 junior women’s DH title was won by Micayla Gatto (BC, Rocky Mountain/Business Objects) with Brittany Wood (BC, BC Team) in second. Here are the unofficial results.

1. Micayla Gatto (BC, Rocky Mountain/Business Objects) 3:58
2. Brittany Wood (BC, BC Team) 4:32

Junior Men

The Junior men’s event is about to start. Steve Smith who recovered from a broken collarbone earlier this season has won over Canada Cup series leader Hans Lambert. Here are the unofficial results.

1. Steve Smith (Team Cove Bikes) 3:11
2. Hans Lambert (Team Quebec) 3:16
3. Dan Csokonay (BC, Norco) 3:22

Elite Women

Unofficially Michelle Dumaresq has claimed the 2006 Elite Women’s DH title.

1. Michelle Dumaresq (BC, Santa Cruz/NSMB.com) 3:37
2. Danika Schroeter (BC, Team Cove Bikes) 3:38
3. Adrienne Miller (BC, Devinci/Daredevil) 3:43

Elite Men

The elite men are on course and Neil Mackinnon is currently leading with a time of 3:27.

At the halfway point former national champ Jamie Biluk (Team Cove Bikes) is leading with 3:13. Kurt Lindermark (Red Shred Bike Shed) is second at 3:20 and Justin Brown (Norco) is third.

Andrew Mitchell (Team Cove Bikes) has won the 2006 DH National title over 2005 National Champ and teammate Tyler Morland. Here are the unofficial results.

1. Andrew Mitchell (BC, Team Cove Bikes) 3:06
2. Tyler Morland (BC, Team Cove Bikes) 3:09
1. Charlse-Alexander Dube (QC, Team Giant) 3:09

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