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2006 Ontario Road Championships — U23/Elite Men’s Flash

August 6, 2006 — Ryan Roth (Team R.A.C.E.) has won the Elite Men’s 2006 Ontario Road Championships and Damian Kurzawinski (ZM Cycling) took the U23 title.

Results (brief)

Elite Men

1. Ryan Roth (Team R.A.C.E.) 3:55:58
2. Joe Giuliano (Jet Fuel) st
3. Aaron Fillion (Ottawa Bicycle Club) 3:57:44
4. Don Zuck (Pavan) st
5. Peter Sanowar (ItalPasta/Transport Belmire) 3:57:49
6. Derek St. John (Reynolds/Trek) st

U23 Men

1. Damian Kurzawinski (ZM Cycling) 3:57:49
2. Marty Lazarski (Rocky Mountain/Business Objects) st
3. Adam Thuss (Team R.A.C.E.) 3:58:06
4. Ryan Polawski (Bikesport Racing) st
5. Dave Vukets (Team R.A.C.E.) st

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