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2006 Nerac/Outdoorlights.com Professional Cycling Team

February 27, 2006 – Fans, sponsors and team members congregated in Tolland, Connecticut as the Nerac/Outdoorlights.Com Professional Cycling Team was officially presented. The event was set back in the New England woods in a rustic lodge warmed by a large stone fireplace”¦an ideal environment for the team to mingle with its fans”¦.and an ideal atmosphere for this eclectic mix of riders to lay out its goals and aspirations for the 2006 season. The roster is composed of an interesting mix of New England riders and new recruits from the Southeast and Colorado. Returning to the team is New England criterium star Adam Hodges Meyerson and all-arounder Mike Norton who finished 2005 with a strong 3rd place at the Tour of Barbados. Joining the team this season are former Saeco rider Justin Spinelli, 11 time national champion Todd Yezefski, consistent strongman John Hamblen and time trial standout Thad Dulin.

With a roster of 16 riders Nerac/Outdoorlights.com enters its second year as a professional team with bigger goals and a more serious look in 2006. S.G.N.O., the group that manages the team, has adopted a long term model for the team. From its days as an elite amateur squad to now, each year the team has progressed and grown. With a three-year sponsorship commitment the outlook is bright for the future of the squad and with new editions 2006 promises to be a standout year for Nerac/Outdoorlights.com.
“This is a team with long term aspirations”¦our goal is to grow this team each year and with long term support from our sponsor we hope to do so” said new manager Thad Fischer. To help the riders make the most of their abilities, the bike sponsor Pegorretti has provided new team edition bikes in Columbus scandium. Long kept a secret to the American market, Dario Peggoretti’s bikes are now gaining a reputation as some of the best handcrafted race bikes in the world. Look for the team this season to be putting those machines to good use throughout the United States, as well as Latin America and Europe.

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