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2006 MTB/Trials Worlds – XC U23 Men\’s Live Updates

August 24, 2006 (Rotorua, New Zealand) – The U23 Men’s race is underway with 70 starters. The men will do five laps of the 5.9 km course for a total distance of 29.5 kms. The weather has cleared but the course is very muddy.

Lap 1

The Swiss are once again out front with Nino Schuter (SUI) leading and Tony Longo (ITA) in second, Ruben Cueto (SPA) in 3rd, Lukas Fluckiger (SUI) in 4th and Stephane Tempier (FRA) in 5th.

Canada’s Max Plaxton is in 8th at 1:45, Derek Zandstra (Can) is in 13th at 2:40, with Raphael Gagne (Can) further back in 32nd, Martin Lazarski (Can) in 34th and Neal Kindree (Can) in 36th.

Lap 2

Schuter (SUI) is still leading with Plaxton (Can) charging hard 1/2 way thru the second lap as the riders contend with the muddy conditions.

Lap 3

As the riders head into lap three it’s Schuter (SUI) ahead of Longo (ITA) who is 56 sec. back in second, with Tempier (Fra) in 3rd at 2:08, Fluckiger (SUI) in fourth at 2:24, and Plaxton (Can) in 5th at 2:25.

Further back is Zandstra (Can) in 18th at 5:30 followed by Kindree (Can) in 38th, Lazarski (Can) in 40th and Gagne (Can) in 51st.

Lap 4

As the riders head into lap four it’s Schuter (SUI) still in the lead ahead of Longo (ITA) at 44 sec., with Tempier (Fra) in 3rd at 2:30. Canada’s Plaxton has moved up into 4th at 2: 48 as Gion Manetsch (SUI) has taken over 5th spot, 3:50 back

Zandstra (Can) is 8 min back in 18th followed by Lazarski (Can), who crashed on Lap 3, and Kindree (Can) who are both in the high 30s. Gagne (Can) is in the high 40s.

Plaxton (Can) is moving well and has taken over 3rd place halfway thru lap four and is at 3:11 with Tempier (Fra) behind in 4th at 3:19. Schuter (SUI) is still ahead of Longo (ITA) by 40 sec.

Lap 5 Final

The U23 men have begun the final lap with Schurter (SUI) opening up his lead over Longo (ITA) to 1:18. Plaxton (Can) is in 3rd at 2:58 with Tempier (Fra) in 4th at 3:17.

Zanstra (Can) has moved up to 17th at 10:20 and Lazarski (Can) is in 31st at 13 min.

At the top of the climb on the final lap it’s still Schurter ahead of Longo with Plaxton in 3rd trying to close the gap on the Italian.


1. Nino Schurter (SUI) 1:54:58
2. Tony Longo (ITA) 0:50
3. Max Plaxton (Can) 2:34
4. Stephane Tempier (FRA) 3:09
5. Jakob Diemer Fuglsang (DEN) 3:34
6. Michel Luginbuehl (Switzerland) 5:14
7. Gion Manetsch (Switzerland) 5:51
8. Evguen Petchenine (Russian Federation) 6:07
9. Lukas Fluckiger (Switzerland) 6:29
10. Emil Lindgren (Sweden) 7:03

18. Derek Zanstra (Can) 11:34
23. Martin Lazarski (Can) 13:45
40. Neal Kindree (Can) 19:04
44. Raphael Gagne (Can) at 1 lap

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