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2006 MTB/Trials Worlds – XC Junior Men\’s Live Updates

August 23, 2006 (Rotorua, New Zealand) – The Junior Men’s XC race is about to begin in Rotorua with 63 riders on the start line. Representing Canada are Cody Canning from Alberta, Francis Morin from Quebec, and Alex Harvey also from Quebec. The Swiss are favourites with three top riders – Patrik Gallati, Martin Fanger and Mathias Fluckiger – and the junior men will complete 4 laps of the 5.9 km circuit”¦ we’ll have reports after each lap.

Lap 1

As expected the Swiss have taken charge early with three riders out in front – Mathias Fluckiger, Pascal Meyer and Martin Fanger – and a first lap time of 19:45.

Lap 2

At the start of the second lap Mathias Fluckiger (SUI) is leading, followed by Meyer (SUI) and Fanger (SUI). There’s a small gap and in 4th is Freddy Betremieux from France. Canada’s Cody Canning is in 34th and Alex Harvey is in 35th about 2 min. back, with Francis Morin at 2:45 in 43rd.

Lap 3

The riders head out and up the long climb to begin their third lap. At the top of the climb on Lap 3 Fluckinger (SUI) has a 15-second lead over Sanger with Meyer another 25 seconds back. A chase group with Cristian Cominelli (ITA), Alexis Vuillermoz (FRA) and Danial Braunstins (AUS) is 1:25 behind. Canada’s Harvey is 4:50 back in 26th with Morin at 6 min. in 35th with Canning in 42nd.

Lap 4

Half way up the climb on the final lap there’s no change with Fluckinger (SUI) ahead of Sanger (SUI) by 15 sec and Meyer (SUI) at 35 sec. Vuillermoz (FRA) and Cominelli (ITA) are behind by about 2.5 minutes with Braunstins (AUS) trailing them by 10 sec. Canada’s Harvey is in 25th and Morin is in the high 30s.


1. Mathias Fluckinger (SUI) 1:19:37
2. Martin Fanger (SUI) :51
3. Pascal Meyer (SUI) 1:22
4. Alexis Vuillermoz (FRA) 3:00
5.Cristian Cominelli (ITA) 3:16
6. Danial Braunstins (AUS) 3:27

23. Alex Harvey (Can)
31. Francis Morin (Can)
41. Cody Canning (Can)

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