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2005 Watch for Bikes Campaign

June 17, 2005 – The City of Toronto, in partnership with the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA), will launch the 2005 Watch for Bikes campaign with the citywide distribution of 150,000 new side view mirror decals and “˜door prize’ cards. The “˜door prize’ is a collision that can occur when a driver or passenger opens their car door in the path of a cyclist.

“Drivers are responsible for opening their car door safely. It’s in their best interest to use the sticker to avoid the door-prize,” says Councillor Adam Giambrone, Chair of the Toronto Cycling Committee, who will launch the campaign with representatives from the CCA, Toronto Parking Authority, Mountain Equipment Co-op, The City of Toronto and the Toronto Police Service.

Date: Monday, June 20

Time: 10 a.m.

Location: Mountain Equipment Co-op, 400 King St. W.
(North side of King, between Charlotte and Peter Streets)

The “˜door prize’ is the number one car-bike collision in the downtown core. If a cyclist isn’t able to stop in time, they will either collide with the door or swerve into the adjacent lane of traffic.

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