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2005 UCI MTB Marathon World Championships

August 20, 2005 – Gunn-Rita Dahle (NOR, Multivan-Merida) and Thomas Frischknecht (SUI, SwissPower) were crowned World Champions in the UCI World MTB Marathon World Championships which finished in Lillehammer, Norway today.

Dahle added the title to a growing list of World Championship victories when she won the 116-kilometre point-to-point event on home soil in a time of 4:05:18. Blaza Klemencic (SLO) finished second, under two minutes behind the storming Dahle. Switzerland’s Petra Henzi (SUI, Fischer-BMC) was third.

In the men’s race, the veteran Frischknecht completed the challenging route in 3:52:01, followed by Bart Brentjens (NED, Specialized) in hot pursuit. Dario Acquaroli (ITA, Full Dynamix) raced into third.


1. Gunn-Rita Dahle (NOR, Multivan-Merida) 4:05:18
2. Blaza Klemencic (SLO) 4:07:01
3. Petra Henzi (SUI, Fischer-BMC) 4:07:43
4. Anna Enocsson (SWE, Ghost Racing) 4:08:04
5. Pia Sundstedt (FIN) 4:09:33
5. Daniela Louis (SUI) 4:12:58
6. Esther Süss (SUI, Ghost Racing) 4:16:14
7. Irina Kalentiva (RUS, Multivan-Merida) 4:16:15
8. Martina Deubler (SUI, DT Swiss-Merida Continental) 4:16:21
9. Gretchen Reeves (USA, Rocky Mountain-Business Objects) 4:16:45
10. Paola Pezzo (ITA, Gatorade) 4:17:26

1. Thomas Frischknecht (SUI, SwissPower) 3:52:01
2. Bart Brentjens (NED, Specialized) 3:53:44
3. Dario Acquaroli (ITA, Full Dynamix) 3:54:51
4. Peter Riis Andersen (DEN, ALB-Gold) 3:57:43
5. Ralph Naef (SUI, Multivan-Merida) 3:57:59
6. Karl Platt (GER, Rocky Mountain-Business Objects) 3:58:06
7. Marco Bui (ITA, Full Dynamix) 3:58:35
8. Thomas Dietsch (SUI, Bianchi-Agos) 3:58:48
9. Andreas Kugler (SUI, Athleticum) 3:59:06
10. Jader Zoli (ITA, KTM) 4:00:19

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