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2005 Quebec Road/TT Championships

August 29, 2005 – Despite last-minute changes to the route, the Quebec Time-Trial Championships began without a hitch on Saturday, August 28 under sunny warm skies in the city of Bellefeuille. In the Junior Men’s category wunderkind David Veilleux (Elicycle/Sports Experts) took the champion’s jersey with a time of 28 minutes 03 seconds, averaging 40.86 km an hour. Coming in second by 13 seconds was Volkswagen – Trek’s Eric Boily, and finally, mountain-biker-turned-roadie Clovis Auger at 28 minutes 52 seconds.

Junior Men
1. David Veilleux Elicycle / Sports Experts
2. Eric Boily Volkswagen-TREK
3. Clovis Auger Elicycle / Sports Experts
The Junior Women’s category was small but strong featuring only four riders. Karol-Ann Kanuel (d’Amos Inc.) took the champion’s Jersey, blazing a time of 31 minutes 22 seconds. Quite possibly saving some leg power for the next day’s road race, cruising into second place was Espoirs de Laval’s Joelle Numainville at 34 minutes 38. Rounding out the podium was Janie Fortin (Equipe Proco) at 36 minutes 19 seconds.

Junior Women
1. Karol-Ann Canuel d’mos Inc.
2. Joelle Numainville Espoirs de Laval
3. Janie Fortin Équipe Proco
In the Elite Men’s competition it was anyone’s guess who of the 24 starters would eventually win the jersey; all the heavy hitters were present, and in the end it was only seconds that separated the top three. It was Alexandre Cloutier (Volkswagen/Trek) who took the event in 27 minutes flat, but fast on his heels were pro racer and former Canadian Champion Dominique Perras (Kodak /Sierra Nevada) in 27 minutes 10 seconds, and fellow namesake Dominique Rollin (Gypco Télé-Announces) at 27 minutes 38 for third. In fourth was Martin Gilbert of Volkswagen/Trek at 28 minutes 33.

Elite Men
1. Alexandre Cloutier, Volkswagen – TREK
2. Dominique Perras, Kodak /Sierra Nevada
3. Dominique Rollin, Gypco Télé-Announces
4. Martin Gilbert, Volkswagenb- TREK
Coming off a fantastic 2005 season which saw her racing across North America in a great number of professional races, Stephanie Bourbeau of CIBC Wood Gundy won her Time Trail Championship’s jersey in 32 minutes 04 seconds. Quebec City native Elisa Gagnon of Team Lipton cruised in at 33 minutes, 05 seconds for a solid second place, and third place was fast-charging former Quebec Provincial Road champion Julie Hutsebaut of Terry Precision at 33 minutes 20 seconds. Rounding out the top five were the pink wonder Joanie Caron of Élicycle / Sports Experts at 33 minutes 31 seconds, and Ste-Foy / Quebec Metro’s golden girl Caroline Montminy at 33 minutes 57 seconds.

Elite Women
1. Stephanie Bourbeau CIBC Wood Gundy
2. Elisa Gagnon Team Lipton
3. Julie Hutsebaut Terry Precision
4. Joanie Caron Élicycle / Sports Experts

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