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2005 Ontario Provincial Road Championships

June 27, 2005 – A hot, muggy day just outside of Waterloo at the Conestogo Lake Conservation Area saw some epic racing on smooth, fast roads. The course was relatively non-selective, with the big chainring climbs being such that the pack stayed more or less together the entire race.

In the elite men’s race, an early break that took off in the first 10k managed to stay clear for Darko Ficko (La Bicicletta) to take the gold; the women’s came to a bunch spring with speedster Julia Farrell (Wheels Of Bloor) winning over Leigh Hobson (Team Diet Cheerwine).

Elite Women
1. Julia Farell (Wheels Of Bloor) RS1 (Gold) 2:45:19
2. Leigh Hobson (Team Diet Cheerwine) RS1 (Silver)
3. Merrill Collins (La Bicicletta – J Lindeberg) RS1 (Bronze)
4. Heather Logan (Multi-Laser Racing) RS2
5. Beth Bissell (Midweek Cycling Club) RMW (Gold)
6. Nada Pasko (Midweek Cycling Club) RS3
7. Naomi Cermak (Hamilton Cycling Club) RS3
8. Rhonda Stickle (Team Diet Cheerwine) RS2
9. Jessica Spence (Cavern Cycles – Sneaky Dees) RS3
10. Krystal Jeffs (McMaster Cycling Club) RS3
11. Anne Guzman (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club) RS2
12. Rebecca Nelson (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club) RS2
13. Karen Watson (McMaster Cycling Club) RS3
14. Corinne Roos (London Centennial Wheelers) RMW (Silver)
15. Amanda Shaw (Team Biovail) RS2
16. Catherine Vipond (Gearsracing.Com) RS2
17. Anita Lagler (Wheels Of Bloor) RS3
18. Kara Kindree (Ind.) RMW
19. Ireen Wieditz (Wheels Of Bloor) RS3
20. Heather Davidson (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club) RS3
21. Diana Joness (Elite Racing Association) RS2
22. Zuzana Ecerova (Ind.) RS3
23. Anna Tratnyek (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club) RS2
24. Caroline Amyot (Waterloo CC / Flying Dogs) RS3
25. Natasha Elliott (Cycle Logik Racing) RS2
26. Mary-Ellen Ash (Bay Cycle / 3 Rox Racing) RS2
27. Tara Ross (Team Diet Cheerwine) RS1
28. Erin Walker (Velocity Racing) RS3
29. Lisa Slaven (Coach Chris.Ca / All Season Sports) RS3
30. Lisa Woodside (Coach Chris.Ca / All Season Sports) RMW (Bronze)
31. Tabitha Ferguson (Waterloo CC / The Flying Dogs) RMW
32. Marie-Claude Paquette (St. Catharines Cycling Club) RMW
33. Carmen Diges (Independent) RS3
34. Kelly Bietola (Bay Cycle / 3 Rox Racing) RS2
35. Andrea Bacik (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club) RMW
36. Cherilee Garofano (Team R.A.C.E. / Energy Savings) RMW
37. Lorraine Lord (Team R.A.C.E. / Energy Savings) RMW
38. Samera Fares (Ind.) RMW
39. Karuna Govind (D’Ornellas Racing Team) RMW
40. Milen Munro (Independent) RS3
41. Tara Baker (McMaster Cycling Club) RS3
42. Lisanne Desbiens (Sudbury Cycling Club) RS3
43. Elisabeth Klein (Waterloo CC / Flying Dogs) RMW
44. Maureen Brook (D’Ornellas Racing Team) RMW
45. Louisa Cantelon (Team R.A.C.E. / Energy Savings) RMW

Elite Men
1. Darko Ficko (La Bicicletta – J Lindeberg) RS1 3:42:11
2. Damian Kurzawinski (Midweek Cycling Club) RS2E
3. Michael Moore (Gearsracing.Com) RS1
4. Giusseppe Giuliano (Jet Fuel Coffee) RS1
5. Adam McClounie (Maple Leaf Cycling Club) RS2
6. Daniel Maggiacomo (Italpasta – Transport Belmire) RS1
7. Jason Maclaren (Italpasta – Transport Belmire) RS1 all at s.t.
8. Thorben Wieditz (Pavan Cycling Club) RS1 0:35
9. Chris Atkins (La Bicicletta – J Lindeberg) RS1
10. Peter Morse (Chain Reaction) RS1
11. Peter Sanowar (Ital Pasta – Transport Belmire) RS1
12. Ryan Roth (Gearsracing.Com) RS1E
13. Heath Cockburn (La Bicicletta – J Lindeberg) RS1
14. Jason Valenti (Coach Chris.Ca / All Season Sports) RS1
15. Ian Manning (Bikesports – Pfaff Rt) RS2E
16. Samuel Bail (Coach Chris.Ca / All Season Sports) RS2E
17. Mark Batty (Gears Racing.Com) RS2E
18. Adam Wade (Bikesports – Pfaff Rt) RS1
19. Jeff Schiller (Gears Racing.Com) RS1
20. Blair Purvis (KHS Bicycles Canada) RS2
21. Dave Vukets (Gearsracing.Com) RS2E
22. Danny Souter (Cycle Cambridge.Com – Kicx 99.5) RS2
23. Mark Pozniak (Jet Fuel Coffee) RS1E
24. Isaac Smith (St. Catharines Cycling Club) RS3
25. Matthew Guse (Gearsracing.Com) RS2E
26. Michael Dennis (Midweek Cycling Club) RS2
27. Chris Isaac (Italpasta – Transport Belmire) RS1
28. Vincent Francescutti (Maple Leaf Cycling Club) RS2
29. John Fee (Velocity Racing) RS2
30. Adam Morka (Team Hardwood) RS2E
31. Paul Venturelli (Midweek Cycling Club) RS3
32. Bryan Rusche (Cyclissimo Cycling Club) RS2
33. Shawn Benard (St. Catharines Cycling Club) RS3
34. Shawn Clarke (The Cyclery) RS3E
35. Erich Baumhard (Independent) RS2
36. Maurice Ruelland (Maple Leaf Cycling Club) RS1
37. Andrew Hickman (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club) RS2
38. Garth Logan (Waterloo CC / The Flying Dogs) RS3
39. Neil Johnson (Ottawa Bicycle Club) RS3
40. Brandon Crichton (Italpasta – Transport Belmire) RS2E
41. Kyle Smith (Midweek Cycling Club) RS2E
42. Malcolm Munro (Pavan Cycling Club) RS1

Junior Women
1. Emily Batty (Gears Racing.Com) 1:54:23
2. Sarah Coney (Bay Cycle / 3 Rox Racing)
3. Kaitlin Michener (Arrow Racing)

Junior Men
1. Brooke Boocock (Cycle Logik Racing) 2:37:57
2. Mark Hinnen (La Bicicletta – J Lindeberg)
3. Alexander Korten (St. Catharines Cycling Club)
4. Darren English (Midweek Cycling Club)
5. Craig Browne (Coach Chris.Ca / All Season Sports)
6. Mathew Bell (Team Hardwood)
7. Dale Beaton (Bike Race Ottawa)
8. Sebastian Porten (Gears Racing.Com)
9. Thomas Foster (Independent)
10. Michael Flavell (Cycle Logik Racing)
11. Colin Howard (Team Hardwood)
12. Charlie Bryer (Neworld Cycle)
13. Jonathan Prosser (Hamilton Cycling Club)
14. Andrew Bradbury (Independent)
15. Jacob Bosancich (Ind.)
16. Kevin Hazzard (McMaster Cycling Club)
17. Richard Bell (Waterloo CC / The Flying Dogs)
18. Andrew Hunt (St. Catharines Cycling Club)
DQ. Bryson Bowers (Ind.)

Master A Men
1. Paolo Eugeni (Reynold Koolini Racing Team) 3:05:04
2. Rob Rice (Sudbury Cycling Club)
3. Lorne Anderson (La Bicicletta – J Lindeberg)
4. W. Drew Robertson (Sport Swap Racing)
5. Gerard Yeates (Sport Swap Racing)
6. Steve Heck (Sport Swap Racing)
7. Chris Wood (Waterloo CC / The Flying Dogs)
8. Nicholas Dwyer (Reynold Koolini Racing Team)
9. Greg Cavanagh (Ind.)
10. Christopher Adams (Independent)
11. Carlos Barros (La Bicicletta – J Lindeberg)
12. Roberto Zuech (Reynold Koolini Racing Team)
13. Robert Chiocca (Wheels Of Bloor)
14. Martin Ray (Elite Racing Association)
15. Don Andrews (Waterloo CC / The Flying Dogs)
16. Paul Greene (Chain Reaction)
17. Jason Vincze (KHS Bicycles Canada)
18. Zachary Steinman (Waterloo CC / The Flying Dogs)
19. Dan Dolan (Elite Racing Association)
20. William Kowalczyk (La Bicicletta – J Lindeberg)
21. Scott Murison (Peterborough Cycling Club)
22. Kerry Abols (Sudbury Cycling Club)
23. Mike Novo (Waterloo CC / The Flying Dogs)
24. Raymond Auger (Maple Leaf Cycling Club)
25. Michael Sankey (Coach Chris.Ca / All Season Sports)
26. Matthew Berridge (Independent)
27. James Blackburn (St. Catharines Cycling Club)
28. Jeffrey Chow (Reynold Koolini Racing Team)
29. Tom Villano (Sport Swap Racing)
30. Fred Brewer (Reynold Koolini Racing Team)
31. Craig Vedova (Reynold Koolini Racing Team)
32. Rhys Spencer (La Bicicletta – J Lindeberg)
33. Steven Alexander (Team Biovail)
34. Doug Richards (Independent)
35. Brian Haum (Independent)
36. Glenn Cameron (KHS Bicycles Canada)
37. Craig McCarthy (St. Catharines Cycling Club)
38. Rob Hiscock (St. Catharines Cycling Club)
39. John McCormick (The Hub Bicycle Club)
40. Claudio Buffone (Pavan Cycling Club)
41. Mike Vantil (Silver Spokes Cycling Club)
42. Ian Mackellar (Ind.)
43. Travis Joyce (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club)
44. Jayson Baillie (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club)
45. Paul Tolomiczenko (Aquila Racing / Racer Sportif)
46. Ed Makarchuk (KHS Bicycles Canada)
47. Ryan Trant (Oakville Cycling Club)
48. Benedict Ayson (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club)
49. James Brogden (Waterloo CC / The Flying Dogs)
50. Jacob Sauer (Waterloo CC / The Flying Dogs)
51. Roberto Vani (Reynold Koolini Racing Team)
52. Patrick Dooling (Independent)
53. Ian Fisher (Oakville Race Team)
54. Ivan Cernigoy (London Centennial Wheelers)
55. Michael Freire (KHS Bicycles Canada)
56. Jean-Paul Tesolin (Brampton Cycling Club)
57. Douglas Chisholm (Bikesports – Pfaff Rt)
58. Derek Koops (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club)
59. Curtis Gloade (Waterloo CC / The Flying Dogs)
60. Anthony Simpson (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club)
61. Jason Coulson (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club)
62. Chris May (Independent)

Master B Men
1. Mauro Martini (Pavan Cycling Club) 2:21:47
2. Kevin Davis (Chain Reaction)
3. David Pierce (Bikesports – Pfaff Rt)
4. Paul Devries (Team R.A.C.E)
5. Glen McCrone (Bikesports – Pfaff Rt)
6. Hamish Gordon (Team R.A.C.E)
7. Garnett Abbey (D’Ornellas Racing Team)
8. Bryan Spiegel (Ind.)
9. Jim Davis (Jet Fuel Coffee)
10. John Holland (Jet Fuel Coffee)
11. Geoff Banner (Oakville Race Team)
12. Mark Shaw (Chain Reaction)
13. Mark Summers (Bikesports – Pfaff Rt)
14. Kees Louws (Ind.)
15. Chris Chambers (Team R.A.C.E)
16. Jonathan Boocock (Cycle Logik Racing)
17. Peter Kofman (Coach Chris.Ca / All Season Sports)
18. Joseph Torchia (Westhaven Homes Ct)
19. James Layfield (Team R.A.C.E)
20. Ed Campbell (St. Catharines Cycling Club)
21. Gord Woolley (Bikesports – Pfaff Rt)
22. Gord Mickovski (Newmarket Eagles Cc)
23. Ronald Ross (Cycle Logik Racing)
24. Bradley Martel (Ride With Rendall)
25. Edward Renkema (St. Catharines Cycling Club)
26. Sergio Bolzon (Ind.)
27. Brad Nickorick (Oakville Race Team)
28. Philip Serniak (Independent)
29. Bert Candela (Waterloo CC / The Flying Dogs)
30. Malcolm Eade (D’Ornellas Racing Team)
31. Paul O’Blenes (The Cyclery)
32. Fred Heikoop (St. Catharines Cycling Club)
33. Stephen Basiren (J And J / Tabasco)
34. Andy Dickison (Independent)
35. Augy Marmelo (Team Biovail)
36. Dave Van de Laar (St. Catharines Cycling Club)
37. Stefan Kramer (Midweek Cycling Club)
38. Gregory T. Cushing (D’Ornellas Racing Team)
39. Tom McDonald (St. Catharines Cycling Club)
40. Bobby Mrvelj (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club)
41. Don McCulloch (D’Ornellas Racing Team)
42. Robert Sule (Chain Reaction)
43. David Woolley (Bikesports – Pfaff Rt)
44. Ilija Petrovski (D’Ornellas Racing Team)
45. Mark Hearn (St. Catharines Cycling Club)
46. Brian Taborek (Independent)
47. Francois Faust (Oakville Race Team)
48. Igor Dragoslavic (Waterloo CC / The Flying Dogs)
49. Brent Thomlison (Waterloo CC / The Flying Dogs)
50. Rob Good (Waterloo CC / The Flying Dogs)
51. Andrew Stewart (Team Biovail)
52. Stefan Zurcher (D’Ornellas Racing Team)
53. Ernie Tataryn (Bicycles Plus)
54. Paul Dean (Westhaven Homes)
55. Perry Gelakis (Coach Chris.Ca / All Season Sports)
56. Frank Sawinsky (Brampton Cycling Club)
57. Brent Aquino (Pavan Cycling Club)
58. Brian Zolper (D’Ornellas Racing Team)
59. Tony Abramavicius (Midweek Cycling Club)
60. Frank Battaion (Sudbury Cycling Club)
61. Don Macphail (Newmarket Eagles CC)
62. Pierre Perrin (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club)
63. Kevin Davison (Waterloo CC / The Flying Dogs)
64. Wayne Smith (Team Hardwood)
65. Jeff Rushton (Team R.A.C.E)
66. Scott Thomson (Arrow Racing)
67. Carlos Goncalves (Westhaven Homes Ct)
68. Dean Lowrie (Westhaven Homes)
69. Phill Vermette (Midweek Cycling Club)
70. Christopher Brook (D’Ornellas CC)
71. Rob Sutherland (Waterloo CC / The Flying Dogs)
72. Marc Polsinelli (Pavan Cycling Club)
73. Steve Copeland (London Centennial Wheelers)
74. Paul Choquette (Coach Chris.Ca / All Season Sports)
75. Fredrik Carlberg (Team R.A.C.E)
76. Gerald Ross (Waterloo CC / Flying Dogs)
77. Vlad Kovac (Waterloo CC / Flying Dogs)

Master C Men
1. Doug Corner (Bike Race Ottawa) 2:36:07
2. Charlie Squires (Westhaven Homes Ct)
3. Dave Viney (Team Hardwood)
4. Jim Laird (Multi-Laser Racing)
5. Neil Hendry (Bikesports – Pfaff Rt)
6. Mike Viel (Pavan Cycling Club)
7. Rob Cheskey (Hamilton Cycling Club)
8. Bob Steer (Coach Chris.Ca / All Season Sports)
9. Mel Laforme (Midweek Cycling Club)
10. Alan Jette (Epic Ride / Digica.Ca)
11. Jim Wadleigh (Waterloo CC / The Flying Dogs)
12. David Lee Shee (La Bicicletta – J Lindeberg)

Master D Men – 63 km
1. Orlando Goveia (Reynold Koolini Racing Team) 1:58:48
2. John Parkinson (Waterloo CC / The Flying Dogs)
3. Peter Hein (Midweek Cycling Club)
4. Gary Hirsch (Pavan Cycling Club)
5. Pierre Bianchetti (Aquila Racing / Racer Sportif)
6. Jan Kocemba (Independent)
7. Peter T. Morris (Midweek Cycling Club)
8. Fernando Greco (Brampton Cycling Club)

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