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2005 MTB Worlds – Junior Men’s XC

September 1, 2005 — Austria’s Robert Gehbauer (AUT) put it all together today in Livigno, Italy and came out on top to win the junior men’s rainbow jersey.

Gehbauer, who placed 23rd at last year’s World Championships, took control from the start of the 30-kilometre race and clocked the fastest lap time. He completed the one short lap and two long laps in a time of 1:38:45, a whopping 3:11 faster than his closest challenger, second place Olivier Sarrazin (FRA) of France.

Belgium’s Tim Wijnants (BEL) picked up the bronze medal in a tight battle. He was only four seconds off of second place.

Neal Kindree (CAN) hammered out Canada’s top result with an impressive eighth-place. His ride is even more impressive, considering he started in 25th out of a field of 96 riders. He worked his way through the group, posting the fourth-fastest time on the first full lap.

Canada’s Raphael Gagne (CAN), who placed seventh at last year’s World Championships in Les Gets, France, placed 14th. Alex Harvey (CAN) was 34th, Georges-Edouard Duquette (CAN) finished 47th, Ian McAvity (CAN) placed 55th, Leni Gelinas-Trudel (CAN) finished 73rd and Ryan Anderson (CAN) was 83rd.

Results 30.15km

1. Robert Gehbauer (AUT) 1:38:45
2. Olivier Sarrazin (FRA) at 3:11
3. Tim Wijnants (BEL) 3:15
4. Martin Fanger (SUI) 3:40
5. Alejandro Dario Gasco (ARG) 4:03
6. Patrik Gallati (SUI) 4:32
7. Cristian Cominelli (ITA) 4:53
8. Neal Kindree (CAN) 4:56
9. Vivien Legastelois (FRA) 5:23
10. Fabian Giger (SUI) 6:33

Other Canadians:

14. Raphael Gagne (CAN) 8:56
34. Alex Harvey (CAN) 14:56
47. Georges-Edouard Duquette (CAN) 18:49
55. Ian McAvity (CAN) 21:27
73. Leni Gelinas-Trudel (CAN) 29:27
83. Ryan Anderson (CAN) 40:08

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