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2005 Canada Summer Games — Men’s Road Race

August 11, 2005 — Team Quebec’s Kevin Lacombe (QC) managed to edge out Ontario’s Brandon Crichton (ON) in the sprint for gold in the men’s road race. Crichton wound up second, while Quebec’s mountain biking powerhouse, Raphael Gagné (QC), showed his talent on the road by capturing a bronze medal to go with Monday’s mountain bike gold.

Lacombe was a definite contender. He outsprinted some big names for an impressive third place in the criterium at this year’s National Championships and placed third again in the National Championship road race. Today, however, he was number one.


1. Kevin Lacombe (QC) 3:07.270

2. Brandon Crichton (ON) s.t.

3. Raphael Gagné (QC) 3:07.320

4. Jamie Lamb (NS) s.t.

5. Philippe Abbott (AB) 3:07.490

6. Ryan Anderson (AB) s.t.

7. Raphael Tremblay (QC) s.t.

8. Bradley Fairall (BC) 3:08.000

9. Zachary Garland (NFL) 3:08.290

10. Mark MacDonald (AB) 3:10.320

11. Charly Vives (QC) s.t.

12. Daniel Sessford (YK) s.t.

13. Josh James (BC) s.t.

14. Marsh Cooper (BC) 3:10.410

15. Ryan Belliveau (NB) 3:11.070

16. Matthew Walker (SK) 3:12.330

17. Jean-Sébastien Perron (QC) s.t.

18. Matthew Guse (ON) s.t.

19. Benjamin Rempel (SK) 3:13.330

20. Adam Morka (ON) 3:14.080

21. David Vukets (ON) 3:14.260

22. Garrett McLeod (NS) s.t.

23. Justin St. Onge (NS) s.t.

24. Tim Clarke (NFL) s.t.

25. Ryan Taylor (PEI) 3:15.020

26. Andrew Thomas (SK) s.t.

27. William Urton (SK) s.t.

28. Phil Bietz (MB) s.t.

29. Jay Hawranik (MB) s.t.

30. Daniel Nemetchek (MB) s.t.

31. Brooke Boocock (ON) s.t.

32. Matthew Green (BC) 3:15.170

33. Ian McAvity (NB) 3:19.170

34. Jon Benson (MB) 3:19.200

35. Mike Bidniak (AB) 3:21.310

36. Dave Brooks (SK) s.t.

37. David Greer (YK) 3:22.320

38. Mark Batty (ON) 3:23.170

39. Kyle McGivery (NB) s.t.

40. Jonathan Burgess (NS) s.t.

41. Nick Lacko (MB) s.t.

42. Tyler Lelacheur (PEI) 3:23.250

43. Stephen Keeping (NS) s.t.

44. Geoff O’Toole (NS) s.t.

DNF Landon Brown (PEI)

DNF Curtis Jay (PEI)

DNF Mitchell Jay (PEI)

DNF Max Keeler (PEI)

DNF Brian Bain (AB)

DNF Jeff Sparling (AB)

DNF Nathan Bundschuh (SK)

DNF Paul Benson (MB)

DNF François Sztuke (QC)

DNF Troy Henry (YK)

DNF Liam Kiemele (YK)

DNF Ryan Knight (YK)

DNF Samual Lindsey (YK)

DNF David Olscamp (NB)

DNF Michael Tayes (NB)

DNF Justin Thériault (NB)

DNF JP Dunlop (BC)

DNF Neal Kindree (BC)

DNF Matthew Crawford (NFL)

DNF Jonathan Howse (NFL)

DNF Billy Newell (NFL)

DNF Mark White (NFL)

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