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2005 Alberta Provincial Cyclo-cross Champs

October 31, 2005 – In excess of 80 riders contested the 2005 Alberta Provincial Cyclo-cross Championships, held Sunday on a fast, dry course in Red Deer. Newly-crowned Provincial Champions include Tim Heemskerk (United Cycle) and Mical Dyck (Terrascape) in the Elite Men and Elite Women categories respectively. Heemskerk, who has dominated the Alberta ‘cross season, is not eligible to compete at the Canadian National Championships next weekend in Ontario as he is a Dutch citizen. Congratulations also to the Juventus club, winners of five of six medals in the U17 and Junior categories, and their champions Samantha Grover (U17 Women), David Larson (U17 Men), and ’04 National medalist Mike Bidniak (Junior Men). Thanks to Bob McKerrell and the Central Alberta Bicycle Club for a great course and a fine race.

Master A Men
1. Craig DeBellefeuille Synergy 47m22s
2. Craig Good Synergy 47m58s
3. Lonn Bate Terrascape 47m59s
4. Brys Francis United Cycle 48m40s
5. Dan Wood ERTC/redbike 48m47s
6. Phil MacDonald Calgary Cycle 48m58s
7. Marty Machacek Synergy 49m15s
8. Shane Rush Velocity 49m36s
9. Gunnar Giese United Cycle 50m00s
10. Keith Bayly Deadgoat 50m32s
11. Tim Riess Pedalhead 50m59s
12. Sandy Hilton Pedalhead Road/Sleeman 51m39s
13. Rod Walker Crankmasters st
14. John Encarnacao United Cycle 53m56s
15. Trevor Pombert United Cycle at 1 lap
dnf Reid Cummings Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle dnf
dnf Curtis Roper Velocity dnf
dnf Brennan Bagdan Pedalhead Road/Sleeman dnf

Master B Men
1. Peter Toth ERTC/redbike 40m21s
2. Peter Lawrence Team Pusch 41m28s
3. Tracy Shearer Juventus 42m18s
4. John Riess Pedalhead Road/Sleeman 42m20s
5. Michael Johns CABC/Projekt 1 42m21s
6. Gary Brown Rundle Mountain CC 43m15s
7. Roger Clemens United Cycle 43m45s
8. Zbigniew Szymanski United Cycle 44m40s
9. Ed Garvin Blacksheep 44m59s
10. Kevin Rokosh ERTC/redbike 45m18s
11. Tommy Mak Eurotech 45m55s
12. Finn Pedersen Team Pusch 46m05s
13. Gary Middleton Juventus st
14. Lance Adamson United Cycle 46m17s
15. Michael Meeres CABC/Projekt 1 46m38s
16. Doug Urness CABC/Projekt 1 46m58s
17. Gus Ruest Pedalhead Road/Sleeman 47m20s
18. Derrill Shuttleworth Pedalhead at 1 lap
19. Michael Kohlenberg United Cycle at 1 lap
20. Richard Vervoort Pedalhead Road/Sleeman at 1 lap
21. Ted Dahms Pedalhead Road/Sleeman at 1 lap

Master C Men
1. Don Fox Juventus 44m59s
2. Claude Breau bicisport 45m50s
3. Michael Zelensky Terrascape 46m00s
4. Pat Ferris Blizzard 46m05s
5. Wayne Long United Cycle at 1 lap

Elite Men
1. Tim Heemskerk United Cycle 1h00m31s
2. Shaun Adamson* United Cycle 1h01m46s
3. Nick Friesen The Bike Shop 1h02m03s
4. Ryan Hopping* ERTC/redbike 1h02m17s
5. Sean Barr Pedalhead Road/Sleeman 1h02m48s
6. Jesse Collins bicisport 1h03m13s
7. Andre Sutton Hardcore 1h03m36s
8. Cyrus Kangarloo Synergy 1h03m49s
9. Evan Sherman United Cycle 1h04m02s
10. Per Strom* bicisport 1h04m12s
11. Mike Sarnecki United Cycle 1h06m13s
12. cp Walsh Synergy at 1 lap
13. Mark MacDonald* Sport Chek at 1 lap
14. Anthony Steenbergen Bow Cycle/Cyclemeisters at 1 lap
15. Robin Baillie Cycledelia at 1 lap
16. Cam McKnight ERTC/redbike at 1 lap
18. Bruce Copeland Juventus at 1 lap
19. Jason Frank CABC/Projekt 1 at 1 lap
20. Chris Stipdonk* United Cycle at 1 lap
21. Brian Kullman Synergy at 1 lap
22. Lance Harris* Juventus at 2 laps
dnf Brent Johnson Independent dnf
dnf Stephen Ferris* ERTC/redbike dnf
* Espoir

1. Mical Dyck Terrascape Elite W 38m33s
2. Marg Fedyna ERTC/redbike Elite W 40m09s
3. Madelaine Bate Terrascape Elite W 41m18s
4. Natasha Kuzmak Synergy Elite W 44m05s
5. Joanne Breau bicisport Master W at 1 lap
6. Samantha Grover Juventus U17 W at 1 lap
U17 and Junior Men
1. Mike Bidniak Juventus Junior M 42m02s
2. Spencer Smitheman Juventus Junior M 42m56s
3. Brian Robinson Bow Cycle/Cyclemeisters Junior M 44m52s
4. David Larson Juventus U17 Men 45m26s
5. Malcolm Brentnall Independent Junior M 48m28s
6. Kyle Harris Juventus U17 Men at 1 lap
7. Connor Witzke Juventus U17 Men at 1 lap
8. Mac Garvin Blacksheep U17 Men at 2 laps
dnf Andrew Scheitzsch United Cycle Junior M dnf

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