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2004 Canada Cup MTB 2004 – XC Report

August 22, 2004 (Sun Peaks Resort, BC) – Roddi Lega (AB, United Cycle), Mical Dyck (AB, Terrascape Racing), Raphael Gagne (QC, La Vie Sportive) and Emily Batty (ON, Bay Cycle/3 Rox) were all crowned Canada Cup champions this evening, after consistent performances over a rollercoaster season.

In the men’s race, Ricky Federau (BC, Gears Racing) was at the front of the pack again, but this time he was dueling with Max Plaxton (BC, Rocky Mountain/Business Objects). After riding together for 6.5-lap laps of the loose, dusty course, Plaxton beat out Federau by only seven seconds. Peter Wedge (NB, Kona/Clarks/Les Gets) finished third, 2:30 back from the winner. Lega finished sixth and gathered enough points to seal his lead.

Trish Sinclair threw down the gauntlet in the women’s race. She took the lead early on in the 31.5-kilometre race and stayed out there on her own. Sinclair soloed in for the win, over two minutes ahead of second place, Dyck. Dyck needed to beat former series leader Catharine Pendrel (BC, Oak Bay Bikes) in order to win the overall. Her second place finish did it, but just barely. At the end of the day, Dyck and Pendrel were tied at 680 points each, but the series final acted as the tie-breaker. Danelle Kabush (ON, Gears Racing) finished up in third place.

The junior men’s race was fast and furious as Canada’s top juniors duked it out and caught much of the elite men’s field. Alexandre Fortier (QC, Equipe du Quebec) picked up his first Canada Cup win of the season, after being shut out several times by Gagne. Gagne won the first five races of the series and took the overall title. (Gagne raced the Sun Peaks event in the elite men’s category and placed a respectable 16th.) Jean-Nicolas Lavertu (QC, Durand Sports) was second in the junior race, trailing Fortier by only 20 seconds. Chris Thorpe (ON, Bay Cycle/3 Rox) finished third.

Batty successfully completed her sweep of the junior women’s Canada Cup series, winning all six events, including today’s series finals. Kylie Case (MB, VW/Kal-Tire) was only 1:18 back and took second place, while Olivia Gagne (QC, La Vie Sportive) rode in for third place.

Elite Men
1. PLAXTON Max * (BC) Rocky Mtn./Business Objects 2:09:43
2. FEDERAU Ricky (BC) Gears Racing at 0:07
3. WEDGE Peter (NB) Kona/Clarus/Les Gets 2:30
4. NORTHCOTT Mike (AB) Jamis 3:15
5. WATSON Andrew * (ON) Gears Racing 6:14
6. LEGA Roddi (AB) United Cycle 6:44
7. LAZARSKI Martin * (ON) Gears Racing 7:50
8. ZANDSTRA Derek * (ON) 3 Rox Racing / Bay Cycle 8:46
9. JAKOMAIT Jesse (ON) Gears Racing 8:59
10. REAIN Greg (ON) Gears Racing 9:50
11. WEBSTER Mark (AB) Bianchi/ The Bike Shop 9:57
12. PATTERSON Matt (ON) Gears Racing 10:33
13. VISSER Guido (QC) Equipe du Quebec 11:54
14. LAMB Jamie * (NS) Cyclesmith/KONA 13:00
15. COATES Adam * (ON) Gears Racing 13:37
16. GAGNE Raphael * (QC) 14:06
17. BUSSIERES Frederic * (ON) 14:23
18. WILLIAMS Randy (BC) 14:31
19. GREEN Matthew * (BC) Sram/Rockshox/Steed cycles 18:10
20. LAFONTAINE Martin * (QC) Team Xcluziv 18:38
21. SESSFORD Daniel * (YT) Devo/Power Bar 20:19
22. SHENKARIUK Jason (AB) pedalhead 20:26
23. OLIVER Ryan (BC) 20:29
24. CAPELA Carlos (BC) 22:09
25. CARLETON Timothy (ON) Sport Swap Racing 23:02
26. STURM Sven (BC) A B S – Santa Cruz 23:23
27. HADLEY Matthew * (NB) Power Bar/ Maxxis 23:32
28. SHERMAN Evan * (AB) United Cycle 24:07
29. BAILEY Adam (ON) Black Sheep Squadron 24:45
30. DOUGLAS Matt * (ON) 3 Rox Racing 25:54
31. HEWITT Mathew (BC) 26:25
32. SKINNER Thomas (BC) KHS Bicycles 26:38
33. NUTBROWN Jon (AB) Bow Cycle 29:05
34. MARTINS Steve (AB) Hardcore Racing Team 35:24
35. CROSTHWAITE Ian (BC) Fresh Air Experience 36:49
36. WEISS Aaron (BC) spoke 36:54
37. CANNON Al (BC) Comox Valley Cycle Club 37:11
38. IVANY Carsten (BC) Natural Earth Racing 38:46
39. DAWSON Ben * (ON) 41:20
40. HINES Justin (ON) 44:52
DNF. FAIRALL Bradley * (BC) Rocky Mountain Business Objects
DNF. HUBREGTSE Menno (SK) Peyto/Pedalhead
DNF. MACKENZIE Drew (BC) Peyto/Oak Bay
DNF. MACINTOSH Brendan (BC) Riders Cycles
DNF. HOULTHAM Stuart (AB) Trek/Pearl Izumi
DNF. WIDMER Stefan * (BC) West Point Cycles

Elite Women
1. SINCLAIR Trish (BC) Gears Racing 2:18:01
2. DYCK Mical * (AB) at 2:07
3. KABUSH Danelle (ON) Gears Racing 5:53
4. TRIMBLE Sue (ON) Gears Racing 7:59
5. MCKIRDY Jean Ann * (BC) Rocky Mtn Business Objects 9:20
6. SIN Amanda (ON) Schwalbe Cycling Club 9:27
7. COTE Kasandra * (QC) X’clusive Cement St.Laurent 9:46
8. BANKS Tanis (BC) Floraglo/Norco 10:22
9. PENDREL Catharine (BC) Oak Bay Bicycles 10:32
10. WALTER Sandra (BC) Kappa/Schwalbe/RBC 13:43
11. VIPOND Catherine * (ON) Gears Racing 15:43
12. BATE Madelaine (AB) Brodie Terrascape Racing 16:19
13. MORRISSEY Heather (ON) 18:59
14. SCALLION Kate * (NS) The Cyclery 22:12
15. SCHULZ Jennifer (BC) Fresh Air Experience 23:30
16. BLANCHETTE Sophie-Anne * (ON) Gears Racing 24:21
17. LAMPI Allison (ON) KHS Bicycles Canada 24:41
18. FOREHT Celine (ON) Sporting Life 24:54
19. BUTLER Amanda (BC) Team Solitan 25:29
20. ROBICHAUD Linda (BC) 27:46
21. CONEY Helena * (BC) Independant 28:49
22. TOSI Marisa (AB) Terrascape Racing 36:04
23. KING Heather (BC) Gears Racing 37:45
24. LOVE Christy (BC) Mighty Riders -1 Lap
DNF. FELDMANN Martina * (BC) Rocky Mtn Business Objects
DNS. SANDERS Julie * (QC) Oryx Procycle

Jr/U17 Expert Women
1. BATTY Emily (ON) 3 Rox Racing 1:30:57
2. CASE Kylie (MB) Volkswagen Kal Tire / Team MB at 1:18
3. GAGNE Olivia (QC) 6:57
4. PICHETTE Evelyne (QC) Equipe du quebec 7:22
5. JACQUES Isabelle (QC) La Vie Sportive/Equipe du Quebec 11:22
6. CONEY Sarah (BC) 3 Rox Racing 13:52
7. DIXON Meghan (ON) 3 Rox Racing 17:56
8. BIETOLA Kelly (ON) 3 Rox Racing 21:12

Junior Expert Men
1. FORTIER Alexandre (QC) Equipe du Quebec, Varipak 2:01:15
2. LAVERTU Jean-Nicola at 0:20
3. THORPE Chris (ON) Bay Cycle 2:52
4. MORKA Adam (ON) Team Hardwood 3:10
5. JARRY-BOLDUC Gabriel (QC) Equipe Du Quebec 3:11
6. BATTY Mark (ON) 3 Rox Racing 5:31
7. COTTRELL Matthew (BC) Sombrio Racing 5:42
8. CROWE James (BC) Kona/Oakley 8:12
9. MAHON Trevor (BC) Rocky Mtn./Business Objects/Smit 11:08
10. DOUGLAS Kyle (ON) 3 Rox Racing 11:27
11. MCAVITY Ian (NB) Darling’s Island Bike Shop 15:27
12. RAVLIC Christian (BC) Oak Bay Bikes 16:42
13. MIKLEUS Steve (BC) Teen Speed 16:45
14. DUFFY Jason (ON) Bikeland 16:56
15. BENSON Jon (MB) Team Manitoba Olympia 20:13
16. HENDERSON Norrie (BC) Kelowna Cycle 27:55
17. WILSON Jared (AB) River Valley cycle 32:42
18. MAGEE Eric (AB) Bicycle Cafe 34:37
DNS. LAVERTU Serge (QC) Equipe du Quebec / Durand

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