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2004 Canada Cup MTB 2004 – DH #4

August 15, 2004 (Fernie, BC) – Geoff Pendrel (Devinci) solidified his grasp on the Canada Cup leader’s jersey today, as he careened down the fast, dry course, covering 2.1 kilometres in 3:22.49. Not surprisingly, Danika Schroeter (Giant) was #1 again in the women’s race. The course, which dropped 494 vertical metres, was the same as it has been the past few years with twisty, rooty singletrack and fast open doubletrack sections.

However, “they made it faster this year,” said Mike Jones (Norco Factory Team), winner of last week’s Canada Cup in Calgary. He said a section that took him roughly 10 seconds last year only took about four seconds on today’s course. Brant Lyon (Giant) took second place in the men’s event, trailing Pendrel by 3.63 seconds. Shaums March (Norco Factory Team) screamed down the mountainside and into third spot.

Michelle Waechter (Ind.) of Ontario placed second in the women’s competition. She was 26.35 seconds slower than Schroeter. Calgary’s Stephanie Nychka (Ind.), last weekend’s second-place finisher, is on a roll. She made it back onto the podium with a bronze medal.

1. Geoff Pendrel (Devinci) 3:22.49
2. Brant Lyon (Giant) 3:22.49
3. Shaums March (Norco Factory Team) 3:26.98
4. Mathieu Laurin (Iron Horse/Mad Catz) 3:27.51
5. Eric Goss (Giant) 3:27.51

1. Danika Schroeter (Giant) 3:53.02
2. Michelle Waechter (Ind.) 4:19.37
3. Stephanie Nychka (Ind.) 4:22.87
4. Jenelle Cassidy (Roach/Race Face/Marzocchi) 4:24.92
5. Antonia Gawel (Ind.) 4:25.94

For full results, go to: http://www.myresults.com

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