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2002 Road Worlds Facts

September 30, 2002 (Zolder, Belgium) – Yesterday, Circuit Zolder, the World Championships organiser, and the Royal Belgian Cycling Federation jointly organised a press conference. The World Championships' organisation detailed the latest facts & figures and Belgian's national coach JosÈ De Cauwer revealed the definitive Belgian selection for the Men Elite category. The first item of the press conference was a juggling of figures. The following facts & figures were treated:

– The number of participants based on the UCI entries list on 02.09.26 is:
– Time Trial WC Ladies Juniors: 93
– Time Trial WC Men Amateurs: 88
– Time Trial WC Men Juniors: 116
– Time Trial WC Ladies Elite: 69
– Road WC Ladies Juniors: 59
– Road WC Men Amateurs: 266
– Road WC Men Juniors: 244
– Road WC Ladies Elite: 178
– Road WC Men Elite: not yet definitive, but approximately 30% more than the past years.
– The number of participating countries: about 50
– The total number of race kilometres to be covered by all participants together: more than 170.000 km
– The total number of race hours and minutes to be driven by the riders of the different categories: approximately 27 hours.
– The total number of race laps to be covered by the riders: more than 12,000
– The number of official cars: 53
– The number of produced numbers: 2,300
– The number of produced frame tags: 940

The total number of allocated UCI accreditations is 3,272. Subdivided per category, this means:
– 520 members of the organisation and the UCI
– 50 UCI acknowledged teams
– 793 national team members
– 1,319 riders entered for the Time Trial and the Road World Championships
– 590 journalists, photographers

VIP guests
In the past months, Circuit Zolder received many entries of companies inviting their customers as guest to the VIP village. The following formulas meanwhile are completely sold out (figures for Sunday, 13th October):
– Formula Champions' House: 90 persons
– Formula Cyclo-lounge: 120 persons
– Formula Sprinters'Club: 2,000 persons
– Formula WielercafÈ: 2,000 persons
– Formula Cruise, Sports & Leisure: 235 persons
– Guests in the permanent facilities at Circuit Zolder: 2,400 persons
– VIP tents: 4,500 persons
– Guests of honour and other guests: 1,330 persons
– Total: 12,675 persons

Apart from that, Circuit Zolder, the UCI, the Royal Belgian Cycling Federation and the Flemish Minister of Sports are expecting some 400 guests in a collective VIP tent next Sunday, 13th October.

Excepted number of World Championships Spectators On the basis of a few parameters, the number of spectators during the competition days on Friday, Saturday and Sunday can be estimated: the expected number of entrance tickets sold in advance booking, the expected number of day and combination tickets sold at the cash desk, the number of VIP guests, the number of allocated UCI accreditations, the number of collaborators, the expected number of habitants of Hasselt (free entrance on Friday and Saturday) and Heusden-Zolder (free entrance every day) and the expected number of children younger than 12. This leads to the following figures for Sunday : 80,075 spectators.

The forty commentator positions for radio and television stations meanwhile were allocated by the host station, VRT. About 120 people will ensure that the listeners and spectators worldwide will be able to follow the performances of the riders.

For the written press, a pressroom with a capacity of 600 spots was erected. Photographers have specially equipped rooms at their disposal. Finally, more than 100 photographers are expected.

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