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18th Annual Mutual of Enumclaw Stage Race Junior Results – Canadians on the Podium

by pedalmag.com

May 20, 2013 ( Enumclaw, Washington) – Apologies for not including our Canadian Junior riders who also raced well and landed on the podium at the 18th Annual Mutual of Enumclaw Stage Race in Washington this past weekend – we missed them in our earlier post today here. Here are the final GC results for the Juniors including the stage results as well (below)…go Canadian Junior riders.

Final GC

Junior C Boys
1. Erik Diertens (Can) VAC ProCity Racing 1:15:28
2. Mark Grant (Can) VIPYRS 00:12
3. Jack Alessi (USA) Boise Young Rider Dev Squad 01:16

8. Isaac Vandervliet (Can) Trail Bikes 2:49

Junior D Boys
1. Adrian Magun (USA) Cycle U 1:19:54
2. Quinn Storey (Can) dEVo 00:26
3. Brennan Hodgins (USA) Cycle U 02:41

Junior C Girls
1. Jessica Reynolds (Can) VIPYRS 1:19:13
2. Grace Green (USA) Boise Young Rider Dev Squad 04:08
3. Eleanor James (USA) Cycle U 07:14

Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3

GC Results

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